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  1. Its only okay if the chick operating the vehicle has dyed their hair the same color as their vehicle. Or else it is unacceptable. In all seriousness, I'm not too bothered by these players and I let them do as they please. Do I judge them? Hell yeah, I will most likely not take anyone serious who drives vehicles like that, even if someone has "proper development" for it. The fact they choose to roleplay a character that is this stereotypical just makes me feel like the roleplay experience they could possibly provide me with will be as original as the concept they portray.
  2. I can still hear those parrots man... I can still hear them, I hear them everywhere!
  3. Did you serve under Richard Vane, the legendary parrot master?
  4. I don't want to be that guy pal, but this just seems like you're promoting a faction (you're more than likely a part of) for the sake of having more fun in the game. Which I completely understand, but adds absolutely nothing to this current topic. All these people in Park Rangers could've and possibly were in PD/SD before this faction was created and the crime rate was still obnoxious. When a person approached me on the street IG the first thing I think is: "Oh God... Here we go again, let me run my pockets for you already". 10-15 more cops driving around isn't going to fix that, new meta's will be created and you'll just be dragged into a car and driven somewhere discreet to take your items. However, it's not a robbery thread and its only a very small part of the increasingly big issue that is created on the server now. And while its only a small issue, its one of those things that happens so frequently to you or the people around you, and it impacts your roleplay so significantly if you were to take things realistically that is no longer viable to go unchecked. So I'd like to, once again propose an idea I've presented before. Limit robberies to official faction members ONLY. I'm pretty confident that all these shit tier robberies (or other public crimes for that matters tbh) are not done by the "illegal community" they're committed by illegal mallrats who are bored and want more guns to continue their crime spree. The same people that'll namechange after being arrested so that they don't have to face consequenses. They don't care, they have no story, development, or contacts outside of their OOC friends which they commit these crimes with and will continue doing so on their new characters. While yes, this will impact some players on the server? Everything you do has its positive sides and negative sides, letting it go unchecked is going to create an increasingly pessimistic and cynical community for the people who don't roleplay illegal characters. The negative here, is that random rule-abiding and proper roleplayers without a faction are going to be restricted a little more. But the pro's are... Robberies will be of higher quality, because official factions police themselves. They don't want their members to get publicly reported or ajailed as it'll reflect bad on their faction. They also don't want poor quality roleplay screenshots on their threads, and they don't want IFM giving them strikes/warnings for having members who involve themselves in the "crime-grind" mindset. You're also going to be motivating solo players to join factions, which is also a good thing in my opinion because factions are very good ways to have fun on this server and feel part of something bigger and thus, you're creating more interactive and quality experiences for the players around you, and for yourself. Think about it.
  5. I'm personally way too lazy to report people, its such a hassle and I also don't want to constantly feel like I have to be on my toes to record/screenshot everything I do so I could possibly report it. I do however absolutely love the reporting culture on this server, reading the report section is extremely entertaining and I always get a lot of joy out of going through them. Please keep going, the bigger the rants the funnier they are.
  6. Miss the good old days where whatever happened in-character and the fun you had with your friends was all the reward you needed. Now we're already turning to MMORPG style reward systems to give players their much needed shot of dopamine to keep them motivated. People are going to be motivated for all the wrong reasons, decisions will be made upon OOC influences and not IC influences. "Yeah lets not mess with Faction X for now, we don't want to risk getting a strike or whatever. We'll get them in 2months when we get 10guns a month along with that fancy schmancy assault rifle." Appreciate the effort but this is rather lackluster and disappointing.
  7. Kidnapping someone in order to rob them should be considered poor escalation and should be punishable with an a-jail. Criminals already have the luxury of being able to commit a robbery pretty much anywhere on the map. The least we can expect from them is to either do it fast, or to at the very least make sure they're doing it in an area where even in our empty, post apocalyptic ghost city someone won't walk up on them committing the robbery.
  8. Martyn


    Look, crime in this city is out of control. Thank God I went down to Gunther's Guns and picked up a spare. I don't think one would've done it. I'm gonna go out and buy some more. And I think you should, too. Don't be a victim, it's time to fight back.
  9. I understand the frustration of the OP and others, and while I do agree there is a problem with robberies on the server I believe that there should not be any limits to the amount that can be robbed from a person. I agree with the OP, that the current robbery meta on the server has significantly impacted certain RP opportunities, such as people being highly discouraged to go to jewelry stores and buy fancy stuff because it'll be robbed anyway. But at the same time, if you're as rich as the OP is. It also creates for even more roleplay opportunities, maybe portray your wealth realistically. Only carry your fancy stuff to big events, or important social occasions and when you do that? Provide some roleplay to security companies and hire those to protect your character. And that doesn't necessarily need to mean having two big 6'6 wrestles in suits by your sides. Security can come in many ways shapes and forms. In real life, people target celebrities and other rich people all the time. It's why the smart ones don't post pictures on social media with fancy watches or other jewelry. 9/10 times if these people get robbed, the robbers already know what they're coming for, the brand of your watch, and they've already got a buyer ready so they don't have to walk around with the stolen item for too long.
  10. Name : everydogmatters Description of the charity's activities : Doggo rescue, nothing more has to be said. Can you say no to cute dogs? Why should we choose this charity? A good reason to spend moms credit card money on. Also, doggos. Charity website : https://everydogmatters.eu/ Charity contact email : [email protected]
  11. I wholeheartedly disagree with these statements for various amount of reasons. First and foremost, your OOC "official" status has absolutely NOTHING to do with your IC status, this is a blatantly mixing IC/OOC and this doesn't belong on a hardcore roleplay server such as GTA:World. The only kind of rewards a faction should get, are OOC rewards that do not impact things ICly. Second, just because you're in a faction or because you've created one doesn't mean that you deserve any kind of special treatment, supplying roleplay to yourself and others around you should be the norm, not something you necessarily should be rewarded for. And especially not in any ways that impacts things ICly as previously mentioned. There are plenty of other players who are not in factions that do many things around the community and they also receive no special treatment or any fancy IC assets they can take advantage of. If players continuously make factions that don't last long because they don't get their weekly shot of dopamine they shouldn't of been accepted in the first place. You create a faction for yourself and others because you enjoy doing that first and foremost, not because of any additional rewards that you could possibly earn. And if players do make factions and they don't last long, Faction Management will notice and will not at all be very eager to accept their factions next time, or at least put some serious question marks next to their application. Let alone if these people try the same trick the third time. If you want to receive firearms on a weekly basis as a reward for your great standing in the community, and flawless portrayal. There is already a system for that, apply to be a supplier when applications are open.
  12. "You will speak to me, or be banned" This quote will remain with me forever.
  13. Calm down Amanda Rose, stop making bait threads and then get mad when people express their opinion. Respect it and provide constructive feedback instead of being toxic.
  14. It's ALMOST as if people are finally portraying fear realistically in a city where you're not safe anywhere and there's nobody to witness a crime and possibly protect you by calling 911. It's the same concept as a father not letting his daughter go out alone after dark. Except on GTA:W nobody cares about time of day or location. And it gets boring if every single civilian character you make has to RP a victim and has to be traumatized eventually simply because of our setting. You can avoid that happening by playing extremely careful and remaining in interiors. It's an inevitable consequence and a direct result of IFM's decision. It's hopefully not too late to revert this and go back to a semi-peaceful setting where you can sit on a bench outside without hearing "Ayo run your pockets".
  15. Putting it behind an admin pray-wall is not the right way to go about it indeed, but I think my suggestion I presented previously on this thread isn't actually all that far fetched. If you put kidnapping under the same rules as deathmatching you're basically solving the whole issue. Kidnapping people for absolutely no reason is extremely silly. Kidnapping them to rob them in a quiet place is extremely silly. You're going from robbery, to robbery and kidnapping. Escalating a possible IC sentence over nothing. I also don't understand how people say it's hard to rob people if you can't kidnap them beforehand, it's really not that difficult. Criminals already have the advantage of being able to rob people anywhere they want, regardless of day of time. If you can't find a suitable victim in a suitable location where you can quickly go in and out to conduct your robbery? Then perhaps try again the next day. We have the deathmatch rule in place to avoid chaos and mayhem and peoples playing experience being ruined. But I can guarantee you that a lot of people, much like me would rather get DMed by a random person out of nowhere. So we can shrug it off, spawn at the hospital and continue our day. Compared to being kidnapped out of the blue, for no reason at all and forced to roleplay that for several hours. It's a huge waste of time, and it's not exactly something that is beneficial to anyone's roleplay due to the amount of robberies/kidnappings that already occur. If you were to roleplay everything out that your character witnesses or hears, they would not leave their house because Los Santos is a scary city. If people have a proper reason to kidnap someone, they likely have to thank themselves for it and its a direct consequense of something they've previously roleplayed so it's the risk they took by performing said actions and then the kidnapping is completely justified and it actually works properly for a persons development too as it's part of the scene they roleplay in. Random civilians being kidnapped so they can be robbed later is just not it, and it is definitely not the type of roleplay we should promote on a hardcore roleplaying server. Edit: I'm not advocating for a permission system, just kidnapping being treated the same way as deathmatching.
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