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  1. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, if this is a general thing for boats alike and what not. But if you use a jet ski sometimes on 1.1 it glitches out so bad that your jet ski becomes a submarine and you sink to the bottom of the sea. Anyone else noticed this, is this jet ski related or does this happen to all boats? Regardless, I would love to see more boats added to the server. I enjoy boat roleplay, I would love to roleplay fishing and actually catch fish scriptly too. Or to use some newer styled boats for social events.
  2. So we just got an update that CK appeals will be handled by illegal faction management. But as far as I'm aware, aren't those the same people who accept the CK applications in the first place? Isn't that system extremely prone to bias now? It's like having a pie baking contest and the whole jury consists of family members of one of the contestants. I would rather wait longer for a sensible and open minded review of a CK appeal rather than the exact same people reviewing their own decision? Lets not forget that by CKing a person you're also pretty much forcing them to donate OOC money to get a
  3. Or they'll just start showing up with more people or take advantage of the fact that the hunting rifle only does 20 damage and is inferior to any handgun in terms of rate of fire. It'll just be an easy way for throw away illegal characters to get into action packed gun fight scenarios. You really think people willing to indulge in this kind of roleplay have any type of actual development going on which would make them stay clear of a potential CK? They'll just namechange and continue their ways. Being extremely harsh and making examples out of people is the only way you'll deter anyone else fr
  4. It's simple, someone visibly carrying a firearm (Hunting rifle in this case) or open carrying a sidearm in a holster? You DON'T ROB THEM, it's literally a lack of fear. If your character is out to rob someone, you're looking for soft and easy targets. You're not going to rob someone who's decked out in camouflage with a long rifle and a sidearm on their hip. Bans should be issued to people who think this is okay.
  5. Just have a peek at this video https://streamable.com/l561n4 It's from this report: I genuinely do not understand where the reporting party finds the audacity to create a report, but I've linked this report because it showcases an issue that is deeply rooted in the GTA:W community and was also a serious issue on LSRP. And that issue is the fact that people rob for firearms. (As seen in the video by them saying "They have weapons" before proceeding to rush to the players) They will purposely target people that they suspect have firearms. Be it an IC suspicion or
  6. Report these players and I'm sure they'll get punished for extremely poor portrayal and or lack of fear. You're not going to try to put your life in danger by robbing a person who's carrying a rifle and 9/10 times these people are also clearly open carrying a sidearm. I'd go as far as to say these people deserve a lenghty ban for this. But who am I?
  7. He's talking about handling the CK appeal, not about the CK request itself.
  8. I can only agree with this and I personally also feel as if the CK'd party should be given access to the CK application that was put on them so that they have the chance to provide more context and defend themselves. Seems like a very one sided system that comes across extremely unfair. Not a fan of this system in general but it is what it is.
  9. I didn't mean to insinuate people should go for "standardized" roleplay. I'm saying that there is beauty in roleplaying a normal, casual every day human being. I think in a setting such as GTA:W that is actually the more difficult thing to achieve. I for one, appreciate it a lot when I come across a character that feels natural, normal and doesn't have psychological problems like nearly everyone you come across. Though, hard to remain a normal person with the obnoxious amount of crime that happens on a daily basis. I can see why everyone would struggle from PTSD.
  10. I would actually like to argue the complete opposite. The fact people try to be as creative, original and unique as possible just results in obnoxiously unrealistic and crazy characters because people love to roleplay the extremes for some reason. I would say that the more people roleplay your run of the mill basic female character with a normal every day life it will benefit immersion on the server a lot more.
  11. Odd that this hasn't had many reactions yet. I love the idea, please add this. It'll be useful for not only camping but a lot of events that require some kind of mobile base of operations. I'm thinking marathons, rally's and even legal race events that people host. Pretty much anything that gets hosted out in public and not in or around a business can take advantage of something like this. Even factions like Pillbox and Hope Health Group could use them as mobile health clinics to pull up to less developed areas of the city to provide free health care to the less fortunate souls of the city. En
  12. While I totally understand and agree your point about people living in timezones playing on the server being restricted to always be RPing during certain times of day. This does not excuse not roleplaying according to the actual time. What do you want to do, someone says "Good morning" but because for you OOCly it's not morning you're not supposed to behave ICly as if it is? I know it's an exaggerated example, but it's just how it is. You just have to go with the cards you're dealt with. What's next, people don't want to roleplay the temperature during the night because they're always annoyed
  13. Report these individuals and they'll be dealt with, guaranteed.
  14. This is the same type of argument as "Lets not make deathmatching a rule, some people in real life decide to go on killing sprees with little to no reason too". I'm sorry, but this is a video game in which we try to make a pleasant experience for everyone in the community. Not just your gun toting, serial killer "illegal" bad boy character who decides to shoot people in broad day light in front of cameras just because some people in real life also decided to do that. Without regulations, you have chaos. The police does not have the same time nor tools to prevent or act upon these crimes as eff
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