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  1. Did u try to connect directly? On rage lancher go to Direct Connect and put the ip: play.gta.world:22005 That's how I connect..
  2. iCohen

    House porch

    If you really really need the name of the house owner I think it's ok to ask the admin. However, it's will bring pure metagame to the game. It's not needed and should stay the way it is right now.
  3. iCohen


    I just remembered that after one hour and so the car gets despawned. So, I know it's hard, but wait one hour and /vget it. IRL, if you forget where you park your car.. well, you gonna have a bad evening if you wish to drive the car later on man.
  4. iCohen


    There are several scenarios where you /vpark; 1. you log off. most of the time you log off at your work place or your house. 2. You RP somewhere. I'm pretty sure you'll remember where you park you car since you drove to that place you're RPing at. 3. Getting a ride from somewhere with somebody. This might be the only time you really might forget where you parked your car. But if you think about it, you'd get a ride from somewhere you're aware of like a business, home, etc. I'm being so negative about this suggestion because it will be easily be abused when someone rob your car and you're too stressed to get it back. You'll wait for the moment he leaves it and you run or report the police with the location. I think we should give a fair chance to the robbers as well which a command like this won't do the trick. However, there are few scenarios where you need this command like if the robbers log off and just left the car at their HQ or something. In this case, the police should only be able to track it if said GPS system is installed. Or even a mechanic when you think about it since he can tow it for you. So yeah, I'm supporting this but only if it will be used with people who're trustworthy to not abuse it like the pd or mechanics since it's their job.
  5. iCohen


    It will be used wrongly most of the time. I don't think this kind of command is not needed as you should remember where you park your car IRL so why not in in server? However, as CRobinson said, it might be useful if PD has this ability to track a vehicle if it has a GPS installed. It won't be used by the owner but the police only when needed.
  6. I'm selling my lovely house at Mirror lake due to the need of being close to my work place. Here are a few pictures of the exterior and the interior; https://imgur.com/s9ckRVo https://imgur.com/s071Itj https://imgur.com/7rTUcaQ For more information feel free to send in your questions to my mail: [email protected] Or call me on 5067277
  7. https://www.gta.world/funds Here you can donate. Not sure if the actual usage of the funds is available right now. I think it will be working in a a couple of days, though. Also, look at this: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/667-donation-premium-information/
  8. It costs around 8-30 dollars. Depends if you want an account with just money or a lot of champions. It’s crap. what did u get ban for?
  9. After a quick op.gg check, I'm happy to tell you that you're the lowest level here :) Joking, glad to see that there are so much players in this community.
  10. Adding a train system won't fix this problem for sure.. people will have to realize that somebody has to start working this job in order to keep the transportation rolling. A script-working train won't do it.
  11. You might also need to upgrade the CPU too. If you ask me, upgrade your gpu to 1060 and your CPU to 6700. My friend has the same specs as yours and he manage to run PUBG quite good. If you got spare dollars, upgrade your ram with another 8gb stick. It won't hurt and only add more fps to your games. Not necessary, though.
  12. Even though I'd love to see something like that inside the server, I'll have to vote no on this. I don't think it will be used as much as I hope and it will just add more on the server and it's possible lags because I think that a train system is a big thing to add on. On a side note, look on the taxi driver job. It also helps those who can't afford a car to drive around, but the amount of taxi drivers active and actually doing their job is close to zero. Most of them are using the free car to drive around freely. It sounds sad but it's how it goes right now from my point of view. So yeah, if people want to drive somewhere without buying a car they can call a taxi. A train won't be used in these situations.
  13. I think that if a player calls a taxi and then decided to walk his way instead of waiting, his call should be removed. Also, if a player logs off it should remove his call aswell. It happens to me that every time I want to go on a taxi duty, i need to deal with non-updated calls. Also, it might help if a caller gets a notification of an accepted call from a taxi driver. As far as I know, if you call a taxi and one has accepted your call, you can't know about it and at most of the times you think there are none available to pick you up.
  14. I get that alot when I play Garen. But I don't give a crap about them. I'm winning and having fun, why would I care? And you're the highest ranked here so far :P
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