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The Aparo Crime Group

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cfwiki.png"The American Mafia’s heyday feels like a lifetime ago, and its old guard or ancients, are soon to be forgotten. Dominic Montemarano, a high-ranking Colombo goodfella, passed away in January 2021 due to heart failure. He was 82. Montemarano, or better known as Donnie Shacks, was a Cosa Nostra titan with a remarkable past. Jerry Capeci described him as a “colorful wiseguy and former football player, who worked as an actor and palled around with everyone, from mob boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico to Hollywood stars.” Shacks starred in a self-produced movie, Night at the Golden Eagle, in 2001. Shacks reigned over a motley crew of wiseguys in East LS following his move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Among them were Angelo Sisca Jr., Paul Longo, and Louis Sabella—all of them Amato loyalists who previously operated out of Sheepshead Bay. What will happen to the captain’s seat remains a mystery, however sources claim many of Montemarano’s circle have been holding mafia moot to decide the future of their Colombo West Coast faction.


Philadelphia captain Philip Martorano and Colombo soldier Angelo Sisca Jr. have been spotted congregating outside Teamsters Local 3623’s office, and outside the Lucky Goose—a mob hangout in downtown LS—with Paul Longo. Insiders say that the half-retired Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, has taken an airline subscription for his regular visits from LS—NY, even rubbing elbows with George Borgesi, a high-ranking mobster in the Philadelphia family, in South Philadelphia. All these leads make for an interesting path to follow. With heaps of indictments raining down on the upper echelon of Philadelphia, and Montemarano’s ship tragically sinking, one can speculate about the West Coast Mafia’s very own Declaration of Independence soon enough." - Adam Campbell, 20 January 2021 


The Golden Years

Between 2020 and 2022 Martorano and his associates managed to grow a once small branch of an East Coast organized crime group into a blooming criminal enterprise, independent of all other criminal entities. Various law enforcement entities had been trying to put the administration behind bars, they even managed to bug multiple mob hangouts but most of the wiretaps ended up going dead. In 2021 indictments started falling and multiple alleged mob figures ended up doing time, some ended up getting recorded on wiretaps others, such as Angelo Sisca got indicted based on Ernest Savona's, who was a member of the Martorano Crime Family that ended up testifying in court, testimony - though his indictment was later on dropped on accounts of Savona's alcohol abuse. In mid 2021 the Martorano led group ended up fighting a bloody war against various criminal groups; AP Los Santos reported a shootout between known members of the Los Santos Mafia and an Israeli Crime group, the shooting had left eleven men dead. Despite all these, the indictments, the bloody wars between criminal syndicates - the Los Santos Mafia stands strong.



The Powerstruggle

In late 2022, after Martorano’s state of health took a dive, it is rumored that he had passed off the top position to Angelo Sisca Jr. A few months later Sisca seemingly took a step back from the criminal lifestyle. In Sisca’s absence a gap formed among the lines of the administration that resulted in many alleged members leaving the city and the organization behind, therefore it started to crumble. The next in line were Palma and Falzarano, the latter, according to sources - has been shelved by the crippled administration. Martorano soldiers, John Aparo and Robert Satriano were seen having a conversation outside of known mob hangout place Goldies not so long after the gap occurred. Aparo is said to be the next in line to Downtown captain Frank Palma. Known as a low profile wiseguy, Aparo was first spotted around Martorano associates in late May in 2022 and sources say that he is a childhood friend to the golden boy, Joseph Calarco, Palma’s predecessor. 



The merger

According to low level wiretaps, Aparo teamed up with Satriano and consolidated multiple crews under one umbrella. The fact, that multiple known mob associates from the Bay Avenue and Vinewood areas were seen conversating with known Martorano soldiers outside of Goldies, a beloved mob social club in the heart of Mission Row, it is safe to say that the mob in Los Santos has shrunk in territory thanks to the multiple inner conflicts and constant changes in administration and is currently trying to solidify its position in the underworld. We can be certain that sooner or later the mafia will reestablish itself in the near future. The current state of the crime group is unknown, though it's a new era in the life of the organized crime group.


(( Credits to @Flowand @Siscafor the original Martorano thread ))

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(( This group is a continuation to the Martorano Crime Family.  Despite the change in administration the emphasis still lies on character development and IC interactions. You do not have to be an expert on how LCN works because you will taught everything, though research before making an attempt to get associated is advised. Before you join; getting associated with us might take time as we value IC interaction above anything else. We're looking to fill the group with well-rounded characters and that takes effort and in turn some time. If you are looking to rise through the ranks under the course of a few weeks or a couple months, this faction is definitely not for you.


Recruitment is handled ICly, although we are ready to offer guidance on how to approach us. Any questions or concerns should be directed to @notoriusdancsoand @Caradrio))

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