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[LSNN] Another successful LSSD operation - Major Crimes Bureau interrupts LSNN live program and arrests Martin Pisano; Sheriff Washington: "Due to his dangerous and violent nature we were forced to take action."

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Another successful LSSD operation - Major Crimes Bureau interrupts LSNN live program and arrests Martin Pisano; Sheriff Washington: "Due to his dangerous and violent nature we were forced to take action."





Los Santos, SA - On 23rd July 2021, Martin Pisano, a businessman from Los Santos, was a guest in the LSNN studio to talk live on air about alleged institutional discrimination. Mr. Pisano did not inform the LSNN that there was an active high risk arrest warrant on him. 



LSSD Major Crimes Bureau detectives taking Martin Pisano in custody



What started as a casual interview yesterday evening took a dramatic turn, when Los Santos County Sheriff's Department detectives from the Major Crimes Bureau walked inside the LSNN HQ while News Anchor Dennis Sidwell was announcing Mr. Pisano as the evening guest in the studio. LSNN switched the live program to advertisements, while the detectives ordered Mr. Pisano to put his hands behind his back, officially announcing that he is under arrest for the following charges: Second Degree Murder and Category B Drug Trafficking. Although visibly shocked, Mr. Pisano did not physically resist the arrest.


After Mr. Pisano was secured and taken out of the building, LSSD officials Sheriff Rick Washington, Undersheriff Joseph Cline, Assistant Sheriff Naomi Takada, Chief Anthony Quintero and Captain Brandon Correa held a press conference in the LSNN studio.



Brandon Correa, Naomi Takada, Joseph Cline, Rick Washington and Anthony Quintero with host Dennis Sidwell


"Good evening folks. Tonight, members of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Major Crimes Bureau conducted an operation to bring Martin Pisano, suspect in a heinous murder, in to custody. Pisano, who was in custody previously for these charges but released on error by the District Attorney's Office, was determined to be a significant threat to the citizens of Los Santos County. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Los Santos County Deputies in bringing him back into custody, we were able to finally locate the individual here. Unfortunately, due to his dangerous and violent nature we were forced to take action. The results of which was what you saw on television earlier, prior to this interview. To explain the operation and the ramifications more in depth is my Undersheriff, Joseph Cline", said Sheriff Washington for LSNN. 


"As the Sheriff said - I am Joe Cline, Undersheriff, Los Santos County. Tonight, detectives assigned to our Major Crimes Bureau executed an arrest warrant on Mr. Martin Pisano for a very heinous murder that occurred in the middle of the street. We had Mr. Pisano in custody prior to today's events. He was in jail, awaiting trial. The District Attorney's office released him only eighteen hours after notifying our detectives of a menial error. The DA had the proof, they had the evidence. We have got it, too. We have got video. Copious video, showing the alleged killing. We will be releasing that ourselves too shortly. It is up to the public to decide who's right in this. But I can tell you, as your Undersheriff, that Mr. Pisano does not belong on the streets. I would like to thank our Majors detectives for their tireless work on this case. It is hard work like this that keeps our county safe. Criminal justice requires action. It is not Sunday fishing, you can't catch and release heinous, hardened criminals. To discuss the specifics of the case, I will refer to Captain Brandon Correa of our Detective Division", was Undersheriff Cline's statement.


"On the 25th of June, detectives from our Major Crimes Bureau launched an investigation into a murder in which occurred on Strawberry Avenue in South Central, Los Santos. The shooting had occurred in front row of a local business on Strawberry Avenue. Detectives were quick to retrieve the exterior CCTV footage from local business owners. Footage shows a man entering the passenger side of a black SUV parked directly in front of CCTV cameras. Footage shows the deceased victim pull up in his own vehicle. Footage then shows the passenger exit the vehicle and open fire on the victim. The passenger then fled inside said black SUV. Lab results came back and positively linked Martin Pisano to the DNA left on scene. Major Crimes detectives jointly partook in an operation with assistance from our Operation Safe Streets today to take Martin Pisano into custody after a tip-off to our crime hotline. The operation went without incident and Martin Pisano faces the charges of second degree murder and category B drug trafficking in court", said Captain Correa.


"It's my hope, and my belief, that justice will prevail in this incident", finished Undersheriff Cline, after which the press conference concluded. 






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Username:  giveemthebusiness

Comment: LSNN is a puppet of the LSSD. Check court documents, the LSSD pays the LSNN salary. Dennis spend all his money on hookers in Vespucci. There’s proof of this too all over the internet and various court cases. He’s also racist against Italians. Get over yourself Dennis and resign before I start leaking the Date site logs and all the photos that have been amassed over the course of the past 6 months. 

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Username:  ilikeflowers

Comment: "Mr. Pisano did not inform the LSNN that there was an active high risk arrest warrant on him."  since when do people get an e-mail when a warrant is on their name ? ? ? half the department executives show up unannounced and ya'll buy that they ain't in collab with lsnn? reeks of anti-italian discrimination to me

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