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Compliment the person above you

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1 hour ago, Muerta said:

I like that this person seems to fancy anime and also created a thread for dogs and appreciating their loyalty and cuteness.  Also has a cute pup puppy themself. 💗🤗

I like that fact that this person has been a friend of mine for like three years now. You dope and my future baby mama no cap. *wink* 


On the real though, she’s got a great personality and has always been a phenomenal RPer.

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Who doesn't love a person that appreciates classics like Looney Tunes? Daffy Duck is a cultural icon, and this person is great for paying homage to that by having it as their pfp.


Also, an active and positive voice in the community from my limited experience.


You can skip over me and compliment them, or do both. I have not been part of this community for very long.

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