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Attempt at a robbery gone wrong

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45 minutes ago, TrazyOtt said:

I feel like you choice the wrong person to put your attention on, you already had one guy on his knees. You could've used him by going behind the counter and placing the knife to his neck or something but now you know for next time to think about the situation before doing an action. RP is never going to be fair for criminals, so when we are in a situation we gotta literally think of every possibility

Yes, you're right. I acted too fast, I'll try this approach if something similar ever happens.

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That's how it is my man.. 20y girls got an AK waiting for you to extort or hit on their girlfriend so they can shoot you down lol.

It's allowed.  According to the rules they don't have to do any RP to pull out a (small) gun and shoot, as long as it satisfies all of the server rules.  It's a shame because you sound like a good RPe

Hi there, Naliz! I will only give my perception of the story. My opinion differs from others!   It is good you are wanting to RP properly, as this server calls for High standards and proper

I always tell people to cover their asses. If you're doing something important or high risk, record it.


If you have a decently modern NVidia graphics card *Insert famous pic of Linus Torvalds* you can just simply have Instant Replay on, or even straight on record whole situations with a negligible performance impact on your game.


Have GTA:W Chatlogger active too.

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