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  1. Oh just wow.. the amount of things being added is insane!
  2. Well said, except in this instance she were a criminal as well without a PF license. I'd really love see to see the whole footage that she claims she has. From start to end, because I don't remembering running at her at all. Only time I ran was when I was getting shot at, trying to escape the scene. So yeah, please share it so we can solve this mystery once and for all.
  3. Bless your heart girl, and thank you for the advice @Kenshi Haroku
  4. I gained a lot of experience since then and I still think it's funny how you chased me outside, you thirsty for real girl.
  5. I don't care about this as this happened ages ago and the character I played on don't exist anymore, but I do not remember running at you. When you say I brought this OOCly, do you mean when I asked for advice to this? As a new player I don't see why that is a bad thing.
  6. Love this style of thread to inform of what had happened, good work on mitigating it successfully and working together with everyone.
  7. Yes, you're right. I acted too fast, I'll try this approach if something similar ever happens.
  8. The more you know, good thing I created this thread.
  9. Yes, it's factual. It almost felt like I was back playing Valorant again, she really wanted me dead that's for sure haha. Thanks for your insight as well, I took your advice and enabled nVidia ShadowPlay on my computer now. Oh, no I didn't request admin permission. I thought that was only for bigger properties when there's a lot more people involved.
  10. This exactly! That's what gave me this uncertain feeling, I just didn't know how to word it. You're right. I should have waited a moment before approaching her, I just got really scared that she popped out of nowhere haha.
  11. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I really appreciate it. I just had to share and let this out somehow, because I was really unsure about this whole situation. Definitely made me feel better reading your insight. Well, while I could report it. I don't know if I will because the lack of evidence.. also I do no want to load the staff team with a shitty report. True, no way to tell now if she was a PF / CCW holder or a criminal as well. But I did note down their IC names, that was the first thing I did. YES! She didn't even RP or describe anything. Just magically a gun and I'm getting sprayed. Honestly, I was really shocked and I'm amazed I even managed to get outside the 24/7.
  12. I just had a knife, don't think I was an immediate threat TBF. But damn I just cant help to feel like criminals have it so hard.
  13. I'm new here, only have been playing GTA RP for a week or maybe less. That's why I came to ask for help here, I don't want to make any mistake. Okay, so I attempted a robbery at a 24/7 with a knife. I'm always trying to RP properly, especially when attempting any criminality. Lots of /me's and whatever else. I got into the store, masked and everything. Area was clear, only one worker at the counter. Approached him and told him to get on his knees with his hands up, of course with a lot of descriptive /me's, he didn't respond to me for like 1-2 minutes. I was about to leave because of that, but then he answers and plays along with my RP, having fear. Some seconds after that, a lady enters the 24/7. Being scared, I instantly turned my attention to her, slowly approaching and was going to tell her the same thing, to secure her as well. But instead, she pulls out a glock and sprays me down in a split second. With no interaction, no RP or /me's whatsoever. If I had tried to RP'd staying / talking at that spot I'd die immediately so I exited the building, trying to run off. But this lady was still chasing me outside the 24/7, finally shooting me down and wounded me. Is this allowed? To just spray down someone like this without any interactions, I just want to know for future refences when I'm able to get a gun myself. I don't want to make any mistakes. Anyway, it was kinda sus how she just showed up like that and her actions. I thought to myself they might have shared information OOCly. But that's beside the point because I don't have any video evidence (first time something like this happened, I wasn't prepared at all). I /b told her after she wounded me: "Damn you don't even RP at all.." then all I was told was, "go to forum and report".. Shrugged it off, and RP'd my damage. Ambulance and cops came, got 12 hours in jail and so on. One funny thing tho, she didn't even stay at the scene to give the cops any information. After she had wounded me, she immediately left. Like what the hell!?
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