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The Chinatown Collective 唐人街集體


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The Chinatown Collective aims to portray a realistic approach to a unique Chinese criminal organization based in Los Santos' Chinatown. Above everything, we emphasize character development & authentic roleplay to occur within & outside the organization.


Coming into the faction, your expectations should be that everything must be treated strictly in-game. At any time, your character may be insulted, assaulted, or even killed.


Joining will be vetted through IC interaction outside of the faction script before being set-off to recruitment & factional progression in-game to make sure we stay true to the concept and keep a high standard of roleplay & portrayal. Your character can be denied for a multitude of reasons, so it's best you reach out to leadership first before making a character that's attempting to join the organization. General things we look for are male Chinese impoverished youth, though exceptions are sometimes accepted as well.


For any questions or guidance, please join our faction discord https://discord.gg/vyNEByeCcc 

or private message can#8229 or george#4074 on discord.

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