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  1. Interested in buying the scout PH: 88999742
  2. And this isn't an OOC punishment either, getting shot or injured in some way is the risk every cop faces both IRL and in game after all the whole job involves dealing with violent people. Someone isn't guaranteed safety from being killed or injured just because they happen to be a cop and all this rule does is ensures injuries are being roleplayed correctly and law enforcement players aren't getting involved with those that killed them when they are killed, I don't think standards should be lowered just because someone only has a few hours to play. As for the topic of the amount of cop killings/shootings that happen is a whole other discussion but from what I have seen admins are actively tackling it when it's reported, I agree not every traffic stop should result in a dead officer over a speeding ticket and it does get quite absurd sometimes.
  3. The same thing can be said about forced jail time when the jail is empty. I guess its common in roleplay servers for people to be all for heavier roleplay standards all the way up until those standards impact them, this thread is a perfect example of that. If being forced out of the type of RP you want to do for a little while is such an inconvenience then I don't know what to tell you.
  4. And you choose to roleplay a law enforcement officer, no one forced you to and there's plenty of other things to roleplay. To me this whole post just seems like LEO roleplayers want all the fun aspects of this avenue of RP but don't want to roleplay any of the risk.
  5. This is just the risks that come with roleplaying a cop in the same way criminals face the risk having to just afk in a jail cell. Can't handle the risks that come with LEO roleplay such as the possibility of being shot then maybe it isn't for you and the same can obviously be said about illegal RP.
  6. What's wrong with just using fists in a fight? Most melee weapons we have available to us are more than capable of killing or doing some serious damage in a hit or two realistically. I do agree that there can always be more brawls though rather than people just shooting each other.
  7. Keep it little longer, snow in interiors isn't that big of a problem and having to RP outside for a day or two isn't the end of the world.
  8. Ezrya


    Just add it, a bit of snow in interiors for a week won't hurt anyone.
  9. If all players involved in the crash want to void then I see no issue as it isn't hurting anyone else plus as it's been said as someone who has done EMS RP car crash scenes are extremely boring and repetitive, couldn't care less if they went away.
  10. This involves a lot of moving parts on an OOC basis though, you would need an admin that's able to be online at the time you plan to grab the homeowner, the homeowner to be online at the time, the crew you plan on doing it with to be all on at the same time as the admins and homeowners and well you get the idea. As someone who has a character that is heavily involved in house breakins I would say the main issue right now is definitely the alarms and the fact it seems every single house is fitted with an alarm system even ones that have no business having one. This discourages any form of well thought out plans and means you can't even scope out and target non alarmed houses, in my experience its just a whole lot easier to force either the front or back door open and begin searching as quick as possible before police show up which involves getting a single line of RP out most of the time before having to leave.
  11. Of course this has already turned into the usual legal vs illegal rp arguement lmao
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