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  1. Buying a house just to have it sitting in their character for 6 months just to then flip it for millions of dollars when realistically that house would not be more than 100-200k provides no RP and no benefit to the server as a whole. People that blatantly flip houses should have their properties taken and warned severely, specially if they are so fucked as to put "I don't care who it goes to I just want the highest amount of money".
  2. They grow up so fast.
  3. Definitely more CKs if they are warranted. Actions have consequences, being a "legal" character doesn't mean you get to ignore all consequences whilst actively destroying illegal RP. If you don't agree with the CK, you appeal it. Huge -1.
  4. All that LOA was worth it. Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  5. One of the best roleplayers I've ever met 😞 ❤️ amogus
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