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Staff Update - November 2023

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Staff Update

November 2023


Welcome to the November 2023 edition of the Staff Update.


Spooky October has come to an end! We appreciate the local businesses and properties that dressed up their houses/businesses to celebrate Halloween and the festival hosted by Akan and Prestige. There were at least ~150 people in that event alone! Next up is Thanksgiving and Christmas! Looking forward to the creative ideas the community has dressing up their houses and businesses. Let's dive into the staff update!

Development Update

San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has launched if you were not aware! They've got a fully working and operating prison at Boiling Broke. It's been a long time coming and now it's here. 


Throughout the month of October we had a ton of updates and we couldn't be more thankful for the hard work the devs put in each month. We're truly continuing to deliver great features, and continuous development which only helps continue to make GTA World continue to keep pushing to be better each and every day.


The Game Changelog for the month of October can be found here!

Staff Management

Over the last few months, Staff Management has been a hive of activity. Between shifting to the new UCP reports system, and welcoming onboard a whole flurry of new members, we've had a bit of a restructure too.


With the ever-increasing size of our staff team, the needs of our Staff and the team itself definitely rise month on month, and it can be beyond demanding on a small group of people to assist our team.


Frezemis, as of this update, has been Head of Staff for an entire year, and we're greatful for his dedication to the role. We've decided to assist Frezemis by bringing in an additional Head of Staff, Adv, who will be assisting with the day to day running of the Staff Team, organisation and being on the forefront of anything staff within the community.


The "Head of Admins", "Head of Support" and assistant head titles that were held respectively have now been merged into a wider Staff Management Team, which now has two "tiers", Staff Management Leadership and Staff Management as a whole.


Staff Management Leadership are here to assist with the day-to-day running of the SM Team, they will keep on top of the report flow. This allows room for three people, two with an 'admin-focus' and one with a 'support-focus' to help steer and lead our team forwards.


Staff Management members beneath will work with the Leads to handle reports, interact with staff members, communicate across the team and do all they can to support our growing and successful team in any way they can month on month.


With that, we have a few new faces!


We're happy to welcome honey. and Igloo into the Staff Management Team, as well as josef who will be training over the next month and learning the ropes.


Over the past two months, Giga and Olivia have trained their way through the team, learning the ropes, and we're really excited to welcome them as full members of Staff Management, Giga, on the support side with Olivia working across the team with a team relations focus, and we congratulate them on both making Senior Admin for their continued efforts.


There's always more to come with the day to day in Staff Management, but continuous and systematic improvement is something we aim to deliver across the whole team, and we're excited to welcome in the new team members to help us accomplish that.

Property Management

Although not a 'promotion' in the staff team, Property Management would love to officially welcome @Wuhtah as Head of Leasing. We're excited to have her back in the role, and are greatful for her time and dedication!

This month's Stats

Over the last month our team have answered:




The team have also answered over 200 forum reports and are continuing to smash out all kinds of refund requests, asset transfers, etc, on a regular basis. We're super greatful for your work, as always.

Staff Promotions


This month we'd like to recognize the following staff members in their advancement through the staff team:


Olivia Promoted to Senior Administrator Staff Management
Giga Promoted to Senior Administrator Staff Management
Spudette Promoted to Admin Lvl. 2
Zarina Promoted to Admin Lvl. 2
Fizzlestat Promoted to Admin Lvl. 2
Toasty Promoted to Admin Lvl. 2
Neszy Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
Thekillergreece Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
sherald Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
Nicola Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
violeNt Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
Big Stepper Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
$$ Promoted to Admin Lvl. 1
Jacooob Promoted to Trial Admin
Diamond Promoted to Trial Admin
Frakkennewguy Promoted to Trial Admin
Sebz Promoted to Trial Admin
Jolagh Promoted to Senior Support
Deveroni Promoted to Senior Support
Vindicator Promoted to Senior Support
5teezy Promoted to Senior Support
colorlessrainbow Promoted to Senior Support
paddy Promoted to Senior Support
survivalmaster Promoted to Support
santa muerte Promoted to Support
Cuete Promoted to Support
PurpleRain Promoted to Support
Miggs Promoted to Support
Fudge Promoted to Support


Congratulations to all those who were promoted, and thank you for your dedication so far. We look forward to seeing you all flourish in your new roles going forward. Welcome to those of you who are new, we look forward to seeing you flourish as part of our team.


Have a wonderful November folks!


Note: all applicants who haven't been accepted will have their status of their application updated in the next 48 Hours. Please do not contact Staff Management asking for a result before this time. If you'd like to request a denial reason, should you have been denied, please press the "Request Denial Reason" button on your Application.

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