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  1. In all honesty this was an incredibly well way of putting it, but the people at the top of these factions doing such things really need to be shaken by the admins. As I put it in my post, bit more understandable a 16 year old hoodlum commiting a crime for next to nothing, but the people who are roleplaying more mature characters involved in organised crime I.E the mc's need a BIG shaking and to realize their focus is drug and weapon distribution.... which gets harder to do when your killing people for extra heat for no reason constantly. Because ALLL of the witness's would be dead within the hour if it's left down to the current factions, fuck it kill the whole subway branch off, my homie didn't want mayo on his sandwich.
  2. I see where you get the mentality from now, An "war in chiraq" fan ehhh? That's where all your education comes from right DJ akademiks videos?? Must say I did like the series myself, BUT it is litterarly considered a crisis the shit going on there, all out gang war, further shows you have NOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking idea, not even on the areas your focusing your points, they we're literarily considering sending in the military, housing crisis which splintered big gangs into small sets.
  3. Mate I have family members in prison FOR drug dealing, who owned his own business as a front, got done for a conspiracy charge... Do you think he had a below average IQ to set up all of that? My other uncle is litterarly in jail for murdering a cocaine dealer.... I have been too prison twice, I have LIVED in that environment personally, and have 45 convictions, granted... I found jesus, but you REALLY do not know about that life sir spongebob profile picture, and i'd wish you'd stop pretending you do because your words scream different, I don't believe your a cop not for a second, keep implying, no ones buying. Your talking crud trying to prove your point but you still have no say on what happens in that life cause you don't know... The person who was at the murder(Self pro-claimed drug debt enforcer, atleast by the news) LITTERARLY called the police on him, turned up at court and gave evidence as he witnessed it. That's the lower level dumb addict type crime, yep... BUT, then my other uncle is in and all the police have is photos of him with bags of tiles(He owns a tiling company, police are claiming what he says was tiles was drugs) and he's on a "conspiracy" charge cause he hid his operation so well.... Is this still a dumb man? I mean he did it for the best part of 20 years before they caught up to him, whilst running his own company legally. Both criminals, different agendas,,, As i said, I'm not talking about 16 yr old hoodlums, I'm talking about ORGANISED CRIME, and the people at the top ain't dumb, your mistaken for thinking that, very mislead. Keep wobbling your head, and as I said... STOP implying because nobodies buying, EVENTUALLY you'll get it!, maybe a few years down the line when you get transferred in your imaginary job to the prison and you have to live with these people then your like "ahhhhh their not all mindless robotic murders what the fuck!?!?"
  4. @NickyW The fact your assuming all criminals dumb just shows you are in fact DEFIETTTLY not as equip as you'd like to believe. You'd be surprised how many drug dealers go to university JUST TO SELL THEIR DRUGS??? In fact, you'd be surprised at the things a smart criminal does full stop because you clearly have no fucking idea hahhaha Dumb people don't set up organized crime units, I'm not talking street hoodlums - I'm talking actual ORGANISED crime, WHERE THE police EVEN respect these people for their brains and witts,,, So please Nicky - Wobble your head, back to reality mate, you know jack shit about criminals and the real world and it's showing you really do have no say in this mate. How many rappers? One? Two? oNe Or Two Out of thE 1000000000 rappers? Now if your still struggling to comprehend this, keep wobbling your head... cause eventually you gon' get it!
  5. It's actually not against the rules yet, hopefully this post brings a change to that(Ive reported this type of behaviour, I gather many others have too)
  6. Okay mate your clearly not as equip in the real world as you'd like people to believe, normal everyday people litterarly black mail criminals, like cmon bro, real criminals don't wanna spend their life in jail and are not brain dead idiots, they can weigh up options, they know if they robbed someone and now that persons ringing the police infront of them they best start jogging
  7. But IRL normal every day people don't witness murders and "just walk away" that's not how it goes, Amigo, that's the type of mentality which gives these factions bad names, they expect everyone to act like a criminal, but it's a bad unroleplay expectation, some people are here for the civilian life, you know? Especially if you commit a crime I.E robbing a something off a civilian, then killing them for calling the police - That is actually pretty unroleplay. "Oh shit robbed this guys head cam, best murder him so I don't get a fine in court for my foolish actions!"
  8. Yep, I agree, the mentality of some of the gangs is ABSOLOUTELY BIZZARE.... I roleplay a legal person, always have since joining(My main character atleast...) Going to start off with the biker crew as they are who I see doing it the most... So I worked into a bar, was wearing a headcam as ICLY was riding my bike, sort of a go-pro, a normal everyday thing. One of the bikers randomly steals the headcam off my head after I told him repeatedly It was off, okay... whatever, getting borderline robbed in a bar, iffy... but okay... Anyhow, two minutes later I reapproached him told him I was leaving and that I needed my headcamera back, It wasn't his etc as a normal citizen IRL would. After this he offered me to fight him, I declined but somebody else who was telling him give me it back accepted, they both went into the lane and had a fist fight, OP pulled a knife and stabbed him, he ignored the stab pulled his gun and shot the OP. Me, as an innocent bystander rang the police, I said some guy just robbed me then shot someone in a lane, THE WHOLEEEE CROWD OF LIKE 10 PPL TURNED ON ME!? I was thinking to myself like TF is going on? Are we roleplaying or are we emotionless robots playing a video game? anyhow, I was killed minutes later, they hunted me down and killed me on sight as U "snitched" Bare in mind, This all happened at a public bar, and I'd just refered to him as a bald guy on a bike... Should be a rule on this, something like "snitch kill baiting" I.e attacking a civilian then killing them for ringing the police as a normal person would.
  9. All down for speed cameras! I personally VERY VERY rarely will void a crash, when I do it's usually because the OP has requested it. There is the bug of invisible people/cars so for that reason I don't think harsher rules are what's needed as we already got admins who assume and lie saying things like "I was spectating you" when you know they wasn't because if they was they'd know your not lying🤣I have seen MULTIPLE admins doing this no one in particular - That aside... 1. Add speed cameras and change their locations on a weekly basis(Maybe make it a command for police?) 2. Along with this code it so the cameras actually snap a shop of the person or does a name check, if name/face matches plate fine should be issued. There was a very similar system on a SA-MP server I played so I imagine this would be very easy for the people doing the coding behind the scenes. Reasoning for moving of cameras is because static ones only fix the problem on one road, but if cops get a command to pitch/unpitch speed cameras then there's ALWAYS a chance your going to be caught off guard - no matter how much you know the streets of GTAW. These cameras should have the function to ping police radio's at the time of the offence also with the registration of the vehicle I.E If the name doesn't match the plate the driver should be logged as "unconfirmed" cops will NOT be allowed to take this as a guarantee it's stolen, but instead the likely hood that the owner isn't driving(In the UK our speed cameras actually have facial recognition, mostly gender specific, but yeah, I imagine the US has the same) Dave drives past a pitched camera on Davis avenue, Dave is travelling 75MPH, Dave is in his own car. This would send an automatic response to the police radio *Plate: GH1TF2, Model: Karim Asterope RS, Location: Davis avenue, Speed: 75mph/60mph, Driver:confirmed* Just my two pence, speeding is an IC issue, so to combat it I think the best route is giving cops more tools to fight it.
  10. Coming from someone who's been to prison twice i can assure you it's easier to get drugs inside than it is out, atleast in the UK
  11. Another person with a few thousand hours and was strictly dedicated to small tribes - Don't waste your time, this game is too addictive and you are guaranteed to lose everything, the only way to avoid this is to mesh, and you are eventually guaranteed to pay for that also... Fuck that shitty game, I tried joining back a few weeks ago, put two gigas in a transponder to farm gen2 missions so I could tame a decent level stryder, logged out, boom, 15 hours later gigas gone due to a fucking server restart, then I remembered why I stopped playing, hopefully ark 2 fixes the holes in the game. Also if your hoping having loads of people / an alpha tribe will save your things you are completely mistaken, Our tribe we're considered an alpha and was a dominant market on discord selling shits, 6 of us, pairs of 2, 3 different timezones(UK/CHINA/USA)we litterarly did shifts... we still got wiped by invading tribes, on a allied server. The game is the most stressful anxiety simulator I have ever laid hands on, for all the pro's it has, the infinite list of cons simply out weigh it.
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