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  1. still going strong, I luv 2 see it. 💪
  2. https://face.gta.world/posts/173539 & https://face.gta.world/posts/173548
  3. This thread will follow the character life & development of Miguel Lara, a 16 year-old kid from South Central, Los Santos. Background Story: Miguel Lara is 16 Years Old, and currently resides in the heart of the Jurassic Park Brims, specifically the Madd Ass Gvngsta Brims clique. He's the only child in his family, and was raised by both his mother and his father. His father died to the LSPD when he was just 6 Years Old. Miguel is an outstanding athlete in the community, which he both excels in football and basketball, along with getting good grades. Lara is fully Cuban, which means Spanish is his first language and English is his second, he still speaks both of them fluently. Miguel has never been into any serious trouble with the law, the most he's been in trouble for is a few fist fights, nothing too major. Social Media(s): https://face.gta.world/bluestripchaserr
  4. finally! congrats on official, well deserved.
  5. Love & Piru. I fw da content doe, keep it up. I give it a few more weeks b4 dis hit official.
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