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  1. It had an amazing run after so many years. I have nothing but good memories from LS:RP. Really sad to see it go.
  2. Congrats to all, especially to my man @mario❤️
  3. Tenet by Christopher Nolan. Masterpiece!
  4. LS:RP on SA:MP for me, back in 2010 and stuck with it until recently.
  5. This is amazing! I helped my brother and so many friends who were interested in roleplaying but were afraid to play it because of the language barrier.
  6. I recently started roleplaying with a faction as a young hispanic male with a really low income job to be able to afford a car. So, I walk everywhere I go, and I actually enjoy it more than just driving around. I've had some fun encounters with other people that are walking around too.
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