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Found 8 results

  1. THE TORTILLA FLATS GANG (CVTF) Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats (CVTF), alternatively known as Southside Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats, is a predominately Hispanic street gang operating out of the Chamberlain Hills area. They claim the 1800 Block of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive as their territory, with different cliques hailing from each corner. Boasting a small and tight-knit membership, the Tortilla Flats gang has managed to stay afloat despite the various gang injunctions and periods of inactivity. Tortilla Flats publicly feuds with most South Los Santos gangs, often showing hostility towards the other Chamberlain Varrio hoods along with most African-American street gangs. Their roots of extreme violence and racism had started due to a massive rivalry against both Tree-Top and Fruit Town Piru; a gang war in which many Tortilla Flats gang members were either arrested or killed. Prior to the war with both African-American street gangs, Tortilla Flats had gotten along well with each set, however, after an incident in which a TF member had been killed by Fruit Town, the relationship between both gangs had become unfixable. Tortilla Flats had its glory days in the 90s, however, due to the increased feuds with most other sets in South Los Santos, the gang had been forced to reduce its public presence. With many older members either falling inactive or getting arrested, the gang had become dormant, subsequently resulting in them losing a large portion of their hood to the surrounding gangs. 18TH ST HOOVER LOCOS & 83 HOOVER CRIMINALS vs. CHAMBERLAIN VARRIO TORTILLA FLATS Once cordial with both the 18th St Hoover Locos clique and the 83 Hoover Criminals gang, the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang managed to coexist with the aforementioned gangs since their infancy, given that their members grew up and attended school together. However, there was an altercation that took place during a tense period. During an informal dispute, an affiliate of the 83 Hoover Criminals gang allegedly took to name-calling and labelled a freshly initiated member of the Tortilla Flats gang a ‘chomo’ in his tirade. This aforementioned Tortilla Flats gang member took offence to the insult and left. He returned not ten minutes later, with three more gang members at his side and confronted the 83 Hoover Criminals affiliate. Face-to-face, they exchanged words and the 83 Hoover Criminals affiliate allegedly stated he did not call him a chomo. After a short exchange, the affiliate of the 83 Hoover Criminals was said to have asked for a fight while walking away. With something to prove and in the presence of his peers, the Tortilla Flats gang member shot him five times in the back, killing him. It is said that he fled the city shortly after this killing, never to be seen again. This was the catalyst for a lengthy and bloody war between the 83 Hoover Criminals gang and the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang that claimed many lives. At first, the 18th St Hoover Locos remained impartial, given their Mexican heritage and the neutral nature between them and the Tortilla Flats gang, but that changed on the 26th of April, after Iker Garcia, 37, also known as Bandit, a beloved member of the Tortilla Flats gang, was shot dead. It is said that he was waiting outside a fellow gang member's home when a group of Hoovers drove past and shot him multiple times, hitting him three times in the face and five times in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 48 hours after Iker Garcia had away, Tortilla Flats affiliates took to the streets for hours, spurred on by revenge. The next day, a huddle of 18th St Hoover Locos were mere metres away from where Iker Garcia lost his life, and it is said that Andre Morales, 16, also known as Ghost from 18th St Hoover Locos was the one to speak when approached by two Tortilla Flats affiliates. A short exchange ensued and residents claim that Andre Morales posed no threat when the Tortilla Flats gang affiliates promptly shot him a grand total of six times in the chest before speeding off. It was at that point the 18th St Hoover Locos stepped into the war and fought side by side with the Hoovers. The war heavily favoured the Hoovers, given the limited number of active Tortilla Flats members. The feud claimed many lives from the 1800 block side of Chamberlain Hills, both gang affiliates and innocent civilians. However, when Andre Morales was murdered, it kicked off a spate of shootings that left five dead and three severely injured over the course of five weeks. It is said that the gangs took turns shooting at each other’s homes, much to the dismay of local residents. The police presence was at an all-time high at this point, a patrol car monitoring the streets every five minutes. The war had claimed many lives at this point, and so, leaders and influential figures from both sides got together and formally put an end to the feud, wanting to see progress beyond the murders. Despite this, the two parties still felt resentment towards one another, and while the killings from the war stopped, the scars remained. SOUTHSIDE BARRIO 13 vs. CHAMBERLAIN VARRIO TORTILLA FLATS At the beginning of the conception of Southside Barrio 13, the influential members and leaders of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang were once allies of Southside Barrio 13, given that they were surrounded by African-American street gangs. The influential members of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang were even allegedly supplying the neighbouring gang with drugs and weapons. Though the relationship was strong between the leaders, the same couldn’t be said for the younger members of the gangs. There was obvious tension between the two sets, despite coming from similar backgrounds. There’d be disputes constantly between the two, requiring older figureheads of the factions to mediate petty problems. One day, a Southside Barrio 13 member was loitering inside the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang’s street, resulting in being interrogated by a Tortilla Flats affiliate. The situation escalated and was escalated into a full scale argument, with a member of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang being stabbed twice and spat on. He wasted no time telling his fellow gang affiliate about the situation. A meeting was set between the two leaders of the gangs, Iker “Bandit” Garcia, who at the time was one of the leaders of the Flats gang, and Solomon “Shark” Casilla, a leader of the Barrio 13 gang. The discussion at hand was at first calm, however, it eventually broke down into an argument over the facts of the situation. After an hour of sitting down and discussing, Iker “Bandit” Garcia laid out an ultimatum, forcing the Barrio 13 gang to make compromises. He gave them a deadline of agreement to which they had to follow, but the ultimatum was never followed. After a week or so a couple younger members of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang retaliated for the stabbing that took place, they would start a series of shootouts between the two gangs, kicking off a war that lasted multiple weeks. Peace was never an answer to the conflict, many members were killed on both sides, with innocent lives being taken too. However, the fighting began to die down, given that Southside Barrio 13 gang had lost a greater amount of members in comparison to the Tortilla Flats side. In the end, the violence dwindled to a near halt, with Southside Barrio 13 eventually going defunct. MALOS Today, the gang is largely inactive, save for a few members that still loiter on the gang's grounds. Despite this, however, the Malos clique formed in place of the declining Midget Dukes, who are today largely defunct after several arrests made on prominent members. Without any major influence from veteran CVTF members, the Malos have developed a different approach to gangbanging. Unlike previous generations, the Malos function without structure or formal leadership. Its young members are purely motivated by money and preoccupied with maintaining a certain image. With virtually no guidance available to the clique’s young members, this new generation of Tortilleros has quickly earned for themselves a reputation for being wild and reckless with little to lose.
  2. Isaac "SLEAZY" Armenta Isaac Armenta was born in Los Santos (Vespucci) on December 9th 2003. Although he isn't originally from South Davis (Chamberlain Hills), he spent a lot of time as a kid in the complexes and eventually ended up going to Davis High School due to him being kicked out of most schools in the district. He is loosely affiliated with multiple gangs, main one being Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats X3. Due to the upcoming Malos Clique dominating the territory as past cliques end up turning defunct, he still actively represents Malos Chicos (YG Generation 13-20) and Midget Dukes (OG Generation 25-30+). Growing up he would spent a lot of his time at his grandmothers home which was located in Strawberry Ave/Carson Ave, he could be seen getting into fights after school and tagging walls with amateur graffiti. He is known among the hood as a regular jail-bird, he is often in-and-out of West-Lake and Los Santos County Juvenile Hall.
  3. * Born in the streets of Davis, Mateo Lozano was raised in Strawberry Avenue, Born into poverty, abuse, and instability. Mateo was mostly raised by his Mexican mother, his father having a big absence in his life. Being raised by a single parent whose primary focus was working in order to get some financial stability always gave Mateo the urge to find attention and approval elsewhere, always finding himself in trouble and absurd situations in order to get some sort of attention. Mateo Lozano attends Davis High, going to school daily, being asked to do so by his mother. He plays the ''clown'' role at school, acting up to teachers and pulling pranks, entertaining the other students with his own foolishness in a way to feel validated with the rest. After school times Mateo can be found hanging out with his friends or by himself on Strawberry Avenue, always finding new ways to make money. Due to Mateo's performance, he earned a nickname among his friends being called ''Joker'' because of his act and way of doing.
  4. This thread will show the development of Miguel Ríos, a 16 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
  5. This thread will show the development of Alejandro Contreras, a 15 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
  6. Adriana Narvaez is a 15 year old girl born and raised within the Chamberlain area, born into poverty like most of the area, she's learnt to survive, attending Davis High, she knows some of the local youth from there, this will be her story and how she traverses the life in south los. Follow along to see her up bringing and eventual downfall.
  7. Ciri 'Kujo' Carranza is an 18 year old gangmember of the notorious Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang. Recently being released from incarceration, Kujo has returned back to his home. Kujo is an aspiring rapper however is constantly at conflict between his gang-life and rap career, often having to choose between the latter. This thread will follow the progression of Kujo.
  8. In Liberty City, Anna Lopez always did the best she could as a single mother to provide for her daughter, Taina. When Taina was 17, Anna made the decision to relocate to Los Santos with her daughter based on the promise of a better nursing job at Davis Medical. It was on her very first night in Chamberlain that Taina met a neighbor her age, and the two developed a relationship that quickly grew dangerously deep. After a few weeks, and after having encountered several huge obstacles in Los Santos, Anna decided it was best for the mother-daughter duo to move back home to Liberty City but by then, Taina (a teenage girl in love) refused to leave Los Santos for the sake of remaining by her boyfriend's side. This thread begins where Taina, the high school senior with plans for college, finds herself making the fateful decision that would forever alter the course of her life.
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