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  1. Oi fuck off I'm having it. Sold for my trailer thanks bud
  2. 7720 MARINA DRIVE - SANDY SHORES One of the greatest static caravan's in Sandy Shores - Only been raided once and the Detective has been quoted saying "At least it's not a sex dungeon and plus its clean!" STARTING PRICE: $3,141,592 BUYOUT: $5,000,000
  3. Fuse

    The O'Neill Mob

    Ain't no faction like the O'Neill's - Keep it up guys!!!! Edit: We just need Boone back.
  4. RIP to the fallen Bottles such a great character
  5. Fuse

    Judiciary & You

    Yeah I really could see that being a struggle! I'm probably too ignorant to how courts really work but how long do you expect these sorts of things to last if done IG?
  6. Fuse

    Judiciary & You

    Yeah it must be hard without being a pest to people via discord messaging, PMing IG etc. As it's meant to be fun for everyone involved and not a chore which I can see it becoming after a long while of being involved? Feel free to give me a shout at anytime if come up with a solution and want others opinions. Always happy to help!
  7. Fuse

    Judiciary & You

    Yeah that's true. Didn't think of it like that. But don't get me wrong I'm not trying to down-grade what anyone does if anything I got big respect for everyone involved. It's why said the idea about possibly scheduling a time good for everyone to be good to do it? Not sure if that'd be a full proof plan but could be a step in the right direction if thought out a bit more than on the back of a cigarette packet.
  8. Fuse

    Judiciary & You

    Surely that's just a bit of a cop-out though and not fair? Like my character could be facing life? So of course they'd fight the charges. Yes I've been offered parole but I still don't think it's right to just say "Yeah I plead guilty because people are taking too long."
  9. Fuse

    Judiciary & You

    I gotta praise you guys for actually trying to do this with such a large playerbase. For one I bet it gets tedious! But all the more power to you guys for actually trying to make this work and from what I've see so far. It actually makes me want to learn about how courts work! But I do have to admit these do take too long and unfortunatley that's the nature of having to rely on people with lives outside of GTAW. For example I'm coming up to a month (28 days on the 15th) and although I have to give credit that there is actually some fantastic RP within prison from both sides, prisoners and guards. However, it does come a point where you don't feel like logging in anymore and this is such a shame. I've been able to develop my character as much as I can within prison now and feel like there's nothing left to do. It's great we get 3 character slots but IMO I prefer to play one character and develop that one character. But with having been forced to make an alt now. I can appreciate why people would prefer an alternate. But again this is an optional choice and perhaps it could be put down OOCly in a case as a priotiy if the character arrested is someones main character they play? Exactly this above. It's a give and take relationship between prisoners and the court system. But perhaps there could be an agreement set up a time that's good between the individuals to do the "RP" on the forums of the court system? That way everyone will be around for lets say atleast an hour? Obviously needs more thought but something along them lives may work..
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