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  1. Most long /me's are just beating around the bush, I like to be short and direct with my /me's no need for any extra.
  2. Your in-game name: Timo JacintoReported property/owner name: N/AProperty type (owned/leased business, house/apartment, leased/auctioned vehicle, other): ApartmentReport reason(s) (RP quality, inactivity, flipping, advert quality, bug abuse, misuse, other): InactivityReport description: Davis Family Gangster Bloods used to have turf over here and most of them owned houses, their thread was archived and Rolling 90's started rping there, most of DFGB is inactive now and never even go there, and it would be more realistic if 90's members could have a chance at buying apartments.Evidence: N/A
  3. USERNAME: 90BKoyTKimmy REPLY: shut up nigga, this aint yo 'day' anymore
  4. not the whole building btw lmao, just an apartment inside of it
  5. This thread will follow the life of 4 Childhood friends including, Pierre Johnson, Jaylen Standford, Jalen Clarkson, Cartier Diaz. As they move out of the illegal business and try legal operations for a change.
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