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  1. its a game, enjoy the new stuff that gets added without being a sad individual who has arguments on a web forum over virtual cars. there's more to life than pointing fingers at each other over stupid sh*t.
  2. Misuu

    [BUYING] Pounder

    I need that truck, ASAP.
  3. I got one with a turbo and some security features, also custom license plate that says BOSSM4N, looking to get 25k.
  4. as someone whose character lived in an RV for quite a while, this looks great. +1
  5. Interested in the Gauntlet if it hasn't been sold yet.
  6. Looking for one of those bad boys.
  7. This is a roleplay server, if you're not here to roleplay and develop a character then you can go play gta online.
  8. How dare I drive fast and crash, that has never happened in real life before, we're here to roleplay.
  9. I will not discuss character development with you, it's a matter that always made me laugh. I think I made my point across, as long as no server rules were broken, it's an IC thing.
  10. well guess what, if you turn off your computer and turn your TV on or go outside for a change, you'll see that there are people driving like retards in the real world too, you know..
  11. Disregard which makes them pay IC fines, spend IC time in jail, get their cars impounded ICly. It's an IC thing, keep it IC unless they break actual server rules and skip the roleplay. Otherwise, they're just nutcases driving fast, I've seen them in real life too, accidents happen everyday.
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