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  1. I miss you already, Pops. RIP.
  2. Apartment located in the Strawberry area, right below the Olympic Freeway. 1 bed, 1 bath. Lobby includes a laundromat, vending machines and rooftop access. In walking distance of several stores and the wonderful Davis Mall. Starting bid: $60,000. Buyout: $140,000. Auction will last until 12/26/20 or until buyout is offered. Please send inquiries via email at [email protected] ((forum pm)) (()) Photos:
  3. Shout out to @Flow and the rest of the crew. Tony was my first and only real RP experience. It was a damn pleasure playing with you for over a year with the unique approaches and fun experiences. No matter how many obstacles we've had to endure, and there were way too many to be reasonable, we always came out swinging and having fun. Hope you guys take it much much further than I ever could and good luck.
  4. L.S. Noire - Los Santos’ True Gangland Blog Renowned figure allegedly connected to the Philadelphia mob arrested on various counts. Adam Campbell - L.S. Noire Blog Bay City Avenue, 8th of July. Just two months ago, it was the known Philadelphia family associate Sammy Camastra found guilty for several charges including extortion & racketeering followed shortly by the long-term inductee of the Philly family - Joseph Campo who is still fighting his way through the indictments which seems to be a strong case. And here we
  5. Noted. Auction will conclude tomorrow at midnight.
  6. Starting bid - 100k Market Price - 120k Buyout - 130k Email - [email protected] ((forum pm))
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