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  1. (( L&A upon request. ))
  2. Amellis

    SOLD [L&A]

    (( With a furniture worth of $53,713 and a market price of $75,000... The price for this property can't be above $278,717 as per property rules and regulations, section 1.0. ))
  3. Place a refund request, not a property request.
  4. Locked and archived upon request.
  5. Mounting a curb at low speeds or at an angle should have a random chance to give you a flat tire if in a car, or make you fall off your bike. Being low on health or being hit with a melee weapon / bullet in the legs should make you limp.
  6. I'll be around! You can contact me on 07441198 or [email protected] (( Mail app or Forum PM ))
  7. As the rule currently states, restricted crime zones only apply to muggings and kidnappings with intent to mug. To quote the rule: "Other crimes in these areas, particularly crime that grabs attention such as shooting, are held to a higher standard." - This doesn't mean that other crimes require approval or supervision, and do not cover that report's specific case, it being a vehicle being lockpicked very early in the morning. Crimes that don't involve the two above mentioned are not affected at all. Carjacking isn't a mugging or asportation! But other rules come into play, like doing so with no fear of being caught because of a low player-base and the lower likelyhood of someone actually stumbling upon such scenario.
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