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  1. I know I already replied, but this is too tempting... Let's just say I'm someone else in a blink of an eye
  2. Offering buyout. --- Bought.
  3. Supported, though as many people say, the cardinal direction wouldn't hurt to keep. As a side suggestion I'd say both player count/version and odometer could be temporary visible when pressing Z (by default), as it's the vehicle's name and street in vanilla GTA V.
  4. For some time I thought minigames weren't the way to go, I didn't like them and I didn't like the effect they had (sky high car jacking), but eventually I learned there's people who take real advantage of them in the way the're intended, as it's been mentioned previously, in the end it all comes down to every player's will to roleplay. To answer what @DodgyBuddy said, making admins take part in vehicle breakins sounds good on paper, but they already have way too much on their plate, that'd probably end up being worse than property breakins. You just can't wait for a vbreakin as long as fo
  5. Specially when you're not following traffic laws on duty. Force the law upon others but ignore it in the process 😐
  6. That's SD's work as well and its been mentioned in this topic and many other places, SD having higher RP quality tan PD, both factions having more and less dedicated RPers and of course the more dedicated RPers can vary their roleplay too, which makes me believe we can get a better PD.
  7. When you're the one shooting, you have a choice, when you're the one shot at, you don't, and a CK is permanent, not 20 OOC days. The times I've been robbed I've had 0 problem giving everything to the robbers, exceeding the nonsense 5k limit. I don't usually carry much on me for the same reason I don't do IRL, I consider there's no point on carrying things you don't need and out in the street, robberies happen, you could lose these things. none of my legal characters even had a weapon, as useful as they are, since we're apparently in such a trigger happy city, because I don't think
  8. I'm fine with murder being 20 days, manslaughter doesn't seem to be treated with the respect it deserves, I don't mind getting CKed if my rp comes to it, but other people might not think the same. When I joined I don't recall seeing several CK messages in chat every day like we have now, but criminal rp was a thing back then too. I know some of those CKs are suicides and players wanting something new, but is it to the degree we've got? Because concern about being CKed feels higher to me, at least in the legal community. It's not only about CKs, this topic wasn't about the crimes
  9. Again, yes those things happen, and those people don't serve one day in jail. And I'm not trying to change anything here, that's why I made a discussion and not a suggestion 🙂
  10. I don't have much experience WITH criminal RP, I know a thing or two about crime and laws, enough to know doing that is an easy ticket back to jail, with a longer sentence for relapsing. As @Garras Up and @Xaleya mentioned, it's just not worth it unless extreme cases, death is not the worst that can happen to somebody, but it drags police and news attention way more than beating someone up and sending him to the hospital for getting a relative jailed. Back to the part where we roleplay in an overpopulated metropolitan area, you just can't do that everywhere either way. The streets being empty
  11. Well, I've said from the beginning and repeated enough times that I don't, same as I keep saying that's how I see things, based on what I've heard, since, as I just said again, I don't have much experience with criminal RP. I'm not trying to argue with anyone here, I'm genuinely curious and wanted to know the opinions of more experienced people.
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