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  1. (( Maxed performance and Maxed security are not IC terms. ))
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  5. Amellis

    J. Nomura

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  7. Well... This isn't going anywhere. I'll be locking and archiving the topic. For the next one, please... Consider that these things (often) aim improve the server in one way or another, not everyone has the same ability, time or mood to make it dead-evident what they're trying to communicate (Or to understand), though I consider it has been made rather clear here.
  8. Amellis

    220 Alta Street

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  9. Amellis

    [L&A] GT500

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  10. One can't get rid of their most basic behaviors, at least not for the months or years that a character can last. Sooner or later you're gonna be yourself regardless of your character. I'm a very laid back person, I don't think in a bad way, but self criticism does wonders. I'm perfectly aware of it so I make characters that fit me, and not adrenalin addicts that go clubbing at every chance they get... and end up acting like I normally would. You can argue all you want, but this has made my roleplay experience infinitely more enjoyable. Of course, mood changes happen, but more often than not they're temporal. You can force it in those times, or fall back in your regular habits. Just my two cents...
  11. We all get the point! There's no need to fill three pages mocking the OP. Instead of repeating each other... As a community, we can discuss what we all agree is wrong with what's the topic at hand and try to come up with solutions.
  12. Just as we can see people's phone numbers and addresses but not what's in any of them... I'm happy to take any of this to private messages or a discussion, but the topic at hand isn't to discuss this, I'll add another one to compensate for this comment: Allow Pay-As-You-Go phones to take bank money or some way to add funds to them.
  13. I didn't even mean it like that! No transactions, just the ability to find characters and their routing numbers... Nothing related to finances other than the account numbers.
  14. I thought about with... that in mind! Not for everyone... I should've been more clear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my bad...
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