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  1. All factions must make a thread in the War Logs forum with the title being their faction name. Whenever a faction initiates hostile action that would realistically result in further death, such as repeated instances of attack, a conflict log must be filed by that initiating party in their War Log thread. A faction which has faced numerous instances of attack by a party may file a defensive action log to record their allies and give their own perspective of the attack, but a defensive action log is only necessary if the defending party wishes to involve allies. Only one
  2. I've added a new rule to the ROE to reflect that two factions can mutually agree to increase or reduce the cooldown.
  3. I'll fix that up to reflect that. We can tweak this if it's too restrictive but this was an amount agreed upon with the IFM council. This was requested by numerous faction leaders. A proposal from the IFM council is to make it so if two factions agree they can tweak this between themselves.
  4. You can use caution and acknowledge your faction has enemies, you're just not allowed to specifically say "Man fuck the Grape Street Watt Crips that we're currently in a conflict with that I was PK'd out of let me give you some guns." You can definitely note your conflict with Crips or other gangs in general, and if you see the Crips on your block you can obviously run away or defend yourself, just leave it very ambiguous in terms of conversation surrounding it. Avoid involving yourself in strategizing, dividing war spoils, or anything like that. Gangs are always at war with people. So acknowl
  5. This thread serves as a Q/A to clarify any of the new ROE rules. Ask away and I will do my best to answer.
  6. To be outdated on 02/APR/2021 - will be reformed to become our CK war rules.
  7. To be in effect on APRIL 2nd.
  8. Factions and Groups For expediency, both all rules that apply to factions also apply to groups. Very little reading is necessary for illegal roleplayers outside of faction leaders, and the most important section to read is about conflict logs and wars. If your faction tends not to engage in wars or you do not initiate hostile action that would incur a large number of allies, it's unlikely you need to become familiar with the mechanics listed below. However, the following rules establish IFM's formal rules of engagement. For the most part, this lists what is already bein
  9. Realistically a gang would have a history with other gangs in each area, and beyond that there's really no continuity restriction against portraying real life counterparts. The LSSD, for instance, portrays its real life counterpart. Continuity management won't restrict the ability of illegal factions to portray real life organizations within reason.
  10. Inactive. PM me in 24 hours if you want it back.
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