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  1. Username: ThePianist Comment: Sounds ironic that such alleged skepticism comes from people who are supporting trump troops.. up up and tail your owner little 'legal' beagle.. pathetic
  2. Username: ThePianist Comment: An assaulter, a doubter of our held high justice system and a disgusting fetishist. Truly shameless.
  3. Username: ThePianist Comment: It's with high regard that I acknowledge Ms. Collins apology. It is truly intriguing how the LSNN covers this and turns a blind eye to the atrocities and recklessness of members of another party.


    Welcome back!
  5. Iphone 7 lol does the job tbh

    Chat anims

    The people who would unsupport this, I think a simple togging command for it would pretty well cut the deal for most.
  7. Yes, it should be updated in parallel with the penal code, of course.
  8. Yeah, this would immensely aid in the portrayal of ATC communications and aviation related roleplay. I see no downside to this.
  9. I'm loving this, especially the farming and hunting activities that will rise about it. However, I do think something like a message popping on your chat and visual effects appearing for oneself, without much annoyance, would be more than enough. I agree that the bars will do look quite RPG'ish and people will, one way or another, stress about that. Make it something that pops once hungry and the visual effects gravity may be manipulated for further hunger stages.
  10. Yeah! The possibilities that are to accompany this addition and affect the perception of roleplay situations in game is huge. I'd love if it happens.
  11. I wouldn't see a downside to this. Yes.
  12. DRUNKY


    LSRP was never after Damian and Collins (Marshall too I must say) It really pains me to see the very much that made splendid of the community's reputation lose lustre quick as a wink.
  13. Not truly much, but yeah, I am here too. xD
  14. The District Attorney's Office little interaction with the City.
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