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Remove admin jails in favor of suspensions

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DLimit    222

Admin jail is useful. It's never an issue to waste a player's O.O.C. time, in this case. If they WANT to RETURN to the game, then they must reflect on the rules while being logged on to the game for an X amount of time. You may call it torture. But, the player isn't forced to log on to the game and reflect on the rules for the duration of their A-Jail. They voluntarily choose to to log on to undergo the A-Jail as they intend to return to the game. Thus, they have to endure their punishment DURING their game time to reflect on their actions, rather than simply playing another game through a ban without having to log into the game.

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LoneRider    2

I think punishments in general, whether warnings, ajails or bans should be handed out in accordance to the effect that the violator's actions had on other players. Did you break the rules and nobody was negatively affected? Meh, who cares. I think punishing someone for something that didn't affect anyone is similar to putting people in jail in real life because they smoked a joint or sold a little weed, which is pointless anyway.

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Sebz    20

I'm not in support of the suggestion because I simply believe that admin jails server better use than a 'suspension' in this application. However, I'll be quick to admit that no punishment truly matters when you can just AFK in the admin jail and watch a movie as mentioned above.


I think the primary concern your suggestion brings to the spotlight is that bad apples will never learn. An admin jail won't do it, a kick won't do it, a temp ban won't do it. Sometimes even a permanent ban won't do it (They'll find a way back). The people who are truly determined to break the rules (or are simply bad at following them) are unlikely to be deterred from rule breaking long term by a 30 minute ajail.


Although I haven't been ajailed on this server, I can tell you from experience in the past that if I wasn't in a legal faction, I wouldn't have batted an eye at an admin jail. PD/SD/FD (etc) being on their toes and weeding out those who accumulate OOC punishments is one of the few fully functional deterrents to rule breaking. Perhaps if we can devise something similar to this to work for the average player, we can get rid of admin jails for something different. But for now, it may be old but it's the only reasonable option for staff to employ.

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Matthew    17

i personally have always found ajails weird. i think temporary bans make more sense and are more effective in general. people just AFK through their admin jail time but not being able to play the game for X days tends to be more effective

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