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  1. Rest up bro. I give my condolences to Patrick's family.

  2. We're roleplaying in the real life universe, we we don't take the lore IC like I said. Real life cars are fine as we're RPing in real life. It makes sense, our universe isn't some fantasy world.
  3. The Stainer looks incredibly out of place as a modern day American police cruiser and it moreso resembles a box than a car. Also, the GTA lore isn't taken IC in our universe other than replacements of car brands (Ford > Vapid etc) but as long as there's no cars going around that says Ford it's not a big deal. But the Stainer feels like a 90's Crown Vic meanwhile the Victor feels like a modern day one. It's literally just been redone and all of the issues have been fixed.
  4. The jail is not the sole focus of the LSSD however it is a part of it. Saying SD came around to "police the county" is entirely wrong - it's no faction's goal to police anything from an OOC standpoint so you are mistaken there. The Sheriff's Department came around to provide quality police & correctional roleplay to the server, not to "police the county". As far as I'm aware, ES are doing everything they can to improve jail roleplay even to an extent where they punish other ES members for not meeting their quota. The Park Rangers have a quite different purpose on the server and making them Blaine County Sheriff's wouldn't be a great idea, their goal isn't to provide police roleplay in the county however provide park rangers based roleplay. At the end of the day the primary play area of the server is the city and the two primary law enforcement factions should have jurisdiction over it. But please understand it's no faction's OOC goal to police anything as I believe this is where your mindset is incredibly wrong.
  5. Sure, not a bad idea. We are rping in the IRL universe, not the fictional GTA one, server continuity already confirms the lore for the most part isn’t taken IC with some exceptions. Making gun names realistic would help contribute to a believable game world.
  6. very nice however one main issue with the drugs script was the fact you couldn’t split 1 into certain amounts like 0.1, 0.2 and so on, would be cool to have 8balls (3.5) etc, also i’m not too sure about an addiction system and encouraging people to rp addicts for health increases
  7. You can. Just NPC their existence. It’s literally said in continuity that LS would realistically be the size of LA and you need some suspense of disbelief. Don’t take the map so literally, it’s made for a video game.
  8. LS is LA. This has already been said long ago Don’t know what kind of city LS is if it has no high schools...
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