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  1. The jail is not the sole focus of the LSSD however it is a part of it. Saying SD came around to "police the county" is entirely wrong - it's no faction's goal to police anything from an OOC standpoint so you are mistaken there. The Sheriff's Department came around to provide quality police & correctional roleplay to the server, not to "police the county". As far as I'm aware, ES are doing everything they can to improve jail roleplay even to an extent where they punish other ES members for not meeting their quota. The Park Rangers have a quite different purpose on the server and making them
  2. very nice however one main issue with the drugs script was the fact you couldn’t split 1 into certain amounts like 0.1, 0.2 and so on, would be cool to have 8balls (3.5) etc, also i’m not too sure about an addiction system and encouraging people to rp addicts for health increases
  3. You can. Just NPC their existence. It’s literally said in continuity that LS would realistically be the size of LA and you need some suspense of disbelief. Don’t take the map so literally, it’s made for a video game.
  4. LS is LA. This has already been said long ago Don’t know what kind of city LS is if it has no high schools...
  6. We need a focus on realism and a focus on roleplay. The roleplay needs to be believable though, so realism should definitely be a part of the roleplay. Continuity confirms we’re roleplaying in the real life universe and we should do what we can to portray this.
  7. Now we are essentially LA can this be looked into again?
  8. The sentences are long enough, we don't need to discourage people from engaging in criminal RP and force them to RP in jail or not use that character when they don't enjoy it.
  9. I respect Roozles a lot. He modernised the faction and whilst some members would disagree for X or Y reason, quite frankly, a large majority of the changes were very long overdue and should have been implemented a very long time ago. Thank you Roozles for your fantastic additions to the faction, you are the the reason I reinstated. Yes, he may have promoted his circle quickly but can you blame him? Would you be comfortable managing a faction with people who have almost completely opposite mindsets to you? There's a reason behind his actions and I cannot blame the guy whatsoever. P
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