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Bridge St.

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Oaks.    97
Posted (edited)





Bridge Street is located within the Vinewood neighbourhood of Los Santos. The neighbourhood, originally a middle class white neighbourhood, has since turned into a home for violent street gangs with an influx of African Americans and Hispanics in the 40's. The demographics of the neighbourhood took a quick turn from predominantly white to predominately Hispanic. With this influx came the rise of many street gangs claiming territory in the neighbourhood. Conflict arose and street gangs found themselves in a constant battle for territory—fighting in the parking lots, alleyways, and streets of Vinewood. Leading into the 50's, a street gang known as Los Gangsters or simply the Gangsters sprung up and quickly found themselves in control of the area, standing toe to toe with other large street gangs.

In modern times, a well known clique referred to themselves as the La Puente. The gang, smaller than numbers than similar cliques, were known for their criminal activity and violence. Only in recent years have the LP became defunct and dissolved from the Vinewood Area. As a result, numerous smaller street gangs have sprung up in the area, each looking to control the neighbourhood the now defunct-LP had once controlled. In the midst of this is the community in the Vinewood neighbourhood. Kids find themselves pressured by gang violence and drug use. Innocent people find themselves as victim of the resulting violence. Residents witness the violence brought by street gangs on a daily basis, yet don't report it to local authorities out of fear of the neighbourhood's street gangs.

OOC Info


The plan is to roleplay around Bridge Street, East Vinewood as a predominately Hispanic community and develop into a street gang. The storyline is going to be completely in character and the street gang will be fictional based on whatever happens to the group in-character, how we form will be entirely focused from IC events. We believe in keeping in character events in character and out of character events out of character, if you're unable to distinguish the difference, this isn't the place for you. You don't need to be the best roleplayer as we incorporate any levels of roleplay capability & will guide you on your way.


We have a Discord also, however you won't be invited until you're deemed active enough within the Faction, we don't want to be inviting everyone left right & centre.

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Oaks.    97
Posted (edited)

Continued from:



























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Jax    189

Good luck, no luck needed, get this bread, this is the type of shit I like to see!! Take it far! 😈💯🔥

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we got this ❤️ 

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Alexion    203
Posted (edited)

Take it as far as you can. Good luck!

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