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  1. This is already possible. If a property isn't scripted in yet, simply express the interest in leasing the property instead of buying it in your property request and we will always consider it. The only exception to this are garages, these are limited in their numbers and availability because of the extremely high demand for them. As per usual, keep an eye out on the announcements in the property discord for news about garage leases.
  2. Heavily against this, there's already an overflow of unrealistic PF usage "warranting" civilian characters to get into large shootouts which realistically they should never think to be a part of with common fear for their lives. Time and time again I see firearms (more often than not PF's) be used to settle common disputes which could easily be solved through an old fashioned fistfight or even a verbal argument, adding PF rifles would only add to the unrealistic aspect of this. Even though some people could very well use PF rifles in a realistic manner, the potential for abuse is just far too high with the current, lenient PF application system. As mentioned before, rifles are readily available for the people that take the time to seek them out IC.
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