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  1. dionkoffie

    Server does feel a bit empty. There are not a whole lot of companies active for people to work for. Most people (including me) are just driving around hoping to find something to RP.
  2. I'm bored. 😞

  3. dionkoffie

    Tf does bad even do?
  4. dionkoffie

    I have the same question. Map is too big to have one 'hotspot'. I've seen some people hang around David, but I think Mirror park is the hotspot for some reason.
  5. dionkoffie

    Still available?
  6. dionkoffie

    What is your phone number?
  7. Today marks one year on GtaW. Yee!

  8. This is a rule? Wow.. that's dumb.
  9. I've got no-one to play with. #sad

  10. dionkoffie

    make an LSIA (Los Santos International Airport) faction that can offer citizens flight training and allow them to pass for a flight license.
  11. I (Justin Miller) have poked several people in the last week or two, but I'm not on the list. Should I still change my passwords?
  12. dionkoffie

    Owlgaming on MTA.
  13. dionkoffie

    I have to agree with this. The free money doesn't motivate players to work for their money but rather wait for it to appear. I highly recommend implementing a token system where new characters can buy a decent house and a cheap car to use. Players won't be able to sell the property/vehicle back for money to prevent players from abusing the token system and selling the car right after.