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  1. dionkoffie

    Having the same issue very often.
  2. dionkoffie

    Shooting range https://i.imgur.com/gMUOzFw.png
  3. dionkoffie

    For sale: 2018 Vapid Scout. Black with tints! Mileage: 1375 Insurance: $2,700 Price: SOLD Contact: 999-999
  4. dionkoffie

    More information about Gruppe 6 can be found HERE Gruppe 6 is hiring: - Armed / unarmed security officers - Technicians Requirements: - Possess a valid driver's license - Armed security officers must possess a valid PF, CCW and Guard card - No felonies. Older misdemeanors can be discussed. Any questions can be forwarded to Justin Miller at 999-999 or via email (( Forum PM )) Apply here!
  5. dionkoffie

    Sold for $40,000 to a private caller. (( L&A ))
  6. dionkoffie

    Ok selling it for 40K. If nobody still wants it I'll scrap it for that price.
  7. dionkoffie

    (( OOC stats about the vehicle )) Selling my Ubermacht Oracle with 165 miles. It has got some engine modifications done by the previous owner such as an engine tune a new suspension + performance tires. I'm selling it because I'm looking for a smaller vehicle. Insurance has been paid. Price: $80,000 Contact Justin Miller on FaceBrowser or call 999-999
  8. dionkoffie

    I've seen tons of people who are interested in medical hospital rp. The way it currently is how people get dropped off at the hospital is unrealistic. People are not motivated to rp injuries because theres nothing to do. Fd is basically acting as a garbage truck dropping stuff off at the hospital for people to rp whatever. Theres a lot of people that want to work in a hospital but nobody has the guts to actually set one up. Like the post above me describes.. if it succeeds it succeeds. If it fails so be it.
  9. dionkoffie

    Name: J.M. Comment: The article is nice. I love the pictures. I think the car culture in LS is mostly based on JDM riced out vehicles built with simple Ebay parts. I've met some true car people in LS, but most people don't seem to have a true passion for cars at all. I've seen supercars racing through LS, giving supercar owners, in general, a bad name. There's a group on FaceBrowser called the San Andreas Oldtimer association for people who want to share their passion for older vehicles. https://face.gta.world/Oldtimer
  10. dionkoffie

    (( OOC vehicle stats: )) Selling my nice and clean Gauntlet. I haven't driven it much myself and that is why I'm selling it. The car has around 750 miles on the odometer. This car is a special car. It has been modified by the previous owner for better performance. I don't have the exact details, but the car is supercharged and has some suspension upgrades done to the vehicle itself. Price: $155,000 Phone number: 999-999
  11. dionkoffie

    We just migrated our company on-premise servers to Azure. Gotta say Azure is a really good and powerful platform. Loving it so far.
  12. dionkoffie

    Nope. Sold.
  13. dionkoffie

    I'm an IT system engineer at a laboratory in The Netherlands.