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  1. Topic made in June ye pretty sure its sold. People, stop pming me.
  2. For sale: Lampadati Novak. It has done 1445 miles and it's fully insured. The vehicle has upgraded locks, GPS, alarm and several engine upgrades to boost the performance. The car can reach around 145mph. The car is also legally tinted. Asking price: $210,000 Phone: 999-999
  3. Sure! Call me right now I'm available.
  4. Selling my Vapid Torrence. Red and has tints. 784 miles. Insurance is only $1800 and needs renewing. The car has a few minor engine mods. Asking price: $60,000 Phone: 999-999 ((OOC stats:
  5. Selling my BF Furzen. Low miles and still insured, It also has some aftermarket upgrades. It has a GPS installed and tints on the windows. ((OOC Stats: Asking price: $37,000 Phone: 999-999
  6. For sale: 1211 Melanoma Street in Vespucci Beach Interior pictures: Selling my lovely apartment located in Vespucci Beach. The apartment was renovated 2 months ago and has one bedroom, an office and a bathroom. The apartment also has a beautiful view to the sea and it located seconds from the beach itself. Viewings is possible. Contact me at 999-999 Asking price: $190,000
  7. Insurance is $800. Low miles and no upgrades. Just the van. Price: $25,000 Contact: 999-999
  8. It can be way easier. Just put all your in a mods folder with openIV and if you want to play on ragemp you only have to remove the script hook and asi loader. When you want to play on your nodded gta 5 again all you need to do is place those two files back. Saves you hundreds of additional space required.
  9. Username: M.D. Comment: such gangsters. They really feel like something LOL. Meh just another piece of trash that'll end up dead in an alley soon.
  10. I don't really see the problem with the house pricing. I think this new rule is pretty good, but I do agree with Zaxxer. Someone who just spent a mil on a Mirror park house is gonna feel fucked in the ass because of this rule. They should increase the MP of the mirror park houses to compensate for that. The playerbase on this server has grown so much. At peak there are 500 to 700 players online. There's no getting around to the fact that house prices rise because we are with a shitload of people. This happens irl too. House prices in Sandy are insane because there are not a whole lot of trailers in Sandy. The high prices in Sandy are nothing to do with players being greedy af. They know the demand is high and there's always going to be someone who's willing to pay a lot of money to RP in Sandy Shores. This new rule kind of prevents people from being able to sell 100K trailers for 600. How about this for an idea: There are tons of apartments and a few houses that are not being used right now. Irl we have a system where if you earn less than a set amount of money you can apply for financial aid. How about we create 50 to 100 apartments that will not be available for sale to the public but rather people have to ICly apply for them. Each application would have to be looked over by the government or w/e office. This has already been used for the Chumash houses and Vinewood hills houses I think. I have a slightly different approach to the idea. For example: A new player who just joined GtaW is a firefighter and doesn't make a whole lot of money to be able to afford a decent apartment but he still wants to RP in one. He can apply for an apartment and will be given the ability to buy one for $150,000 from the city of Los Santos with the condition that he can only sell it back to the city of Los Santos for the same amount of money he bought it for. This would allow players to buy an apartment for a reasonable price, but it will prevent them from selling it for double or triple the money. It will also add more IC RP for players. There already is a forum for the city of Los Santos but as far as I know, it's not even being used for anything.
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