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  1. Price added. Still for sale.
  2. Username: Steven Comment: I've lost respect for this company a long time ago. They deliberately chose an office next to G6 so they could park their armored truck within sight of G6. After getting to know a few of Bobcat's employees it wouldn't surprise me if this is a front for an illegal operation. Who would even look at Bobcat when a client's house gets robbed right? At least that's just what I heard from a few employees.
  3. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Selling my 2021 Enus Jubilee. Low miles and in a great decent spec. This car will set you apart for sure. It's got great options and good on reliability. The custom plate will be removed prior to the sale. Asking price: $500,000 Phone number: 999-999 Email: [email protected]
  4. Selling my old Bobcat truck. Bought it to use but I got a replacement vehicle so I don't need this. Asking price: $28,000
  5. Big no on the insurance. Terrible idea. " I used my dad's credit card so I get to drive my elegy for cheap". Just leave it as is.
  6. Too little items to spend them on. That's why I never really donate because there is nothing really that I want to buy. Some items should be free and some items are overpriced as mentioned above.
  7. Selling my beautiful JoBuilt Velum airplane. I'm the first owner and it has 223 flight hours. The tail number is NLS996. Test flights can be arranged for serious buyers. Offers can be sent to: [email protected] Phone: 999-999 Price: $235,000
  8. I hate PKs. Unrealistic and difficult to RP around. I prefer RPing heavy injuries.
  9. Sure. Leave me your number.
  10. Selling my used camper van. Still runs and drives fine. Insurance due in 2023. Asking price: $18,000 Pickup only.
  11. Selling an awesome Vapid Minivan. It's big, slow and cheap to own. Low miles. Insurance is paid through the year. Car is located in Route 68 near Sandy. Pickup only. Asking price: $17,000
  12. Yes please! People who prefer using light mode are psychopaths.
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