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  1. nevermind thought it was a house
  2. nachorn

    Formula 1

    Yeah I feel that Sainz must be regretting changing... I feel like next year McLaren will be in the top field, as they are basically top of the midfield right now.. And Ferrari seems to be going down... so I don't know.
  3. nachorn

    Formula 1

    I'm really liking the looks of McLaren for this season... as an Alonso fan, shame to see it happening now and not before
  4. Good luck selling for 150, I've bought one at 105.
  5. nachorn

    Formula 1

    Lmao... it's a shit show down at Ferrari.. let's see how the team handles the season. Do you guys think Vettel will be let off early in the year?
  6. nachorn

    Formula 1

    @Notbond McLaren seems so promising this year... I hope they keep the pace throughout the season, gonna be amazing, can't wait for Sainz to get a nice podium.
  7. nachorn

    Formula 1

    Jesus... both of them out
  8. nachorn

    Formula 1

    I really don't know whats up with Ferrari.
  9. The Offshore Experience
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