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  1. Cascade

    She plays an amazing character I agree! Glad to hear you have met Sergeant Mitch 🙂 I'll make sure to pass it on! @Chiky
  2. Cascade

    Glad to hear you are enjoying our guys screens. A lot of really creative people in PD (super jealous about it!). I'm always up for tips for screenshots! I need to do more! Feel free to pass it over! Thanks 😄
  3. Character name: Nicola Alvarez UCP name: cascade (Discord name?): Cascade#0865 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 5407 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 228 Ineseno Road Bottom Floor Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: The tiny balcony on the lowest floor. Floor 2 Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Top floor balcony Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Business TP
  4. Cascade

    Mirror Park Boulevard May 3rd, 21:30
  5. Cascade

    Glad to hear you have some good interactions! Look forward to seeing you around the city as well 🙂
  6. Cascade

    Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Some of these questions I feel I can answer. Passive role play on scenes is something we are currently aiming for right now. My supervisor team is working on improving the experience not only within the faction but the interaction with the public. So far it's going great however naturally there is areas we are still working on and we are hoping to see more people interact with us more as well. Already this week I've seen a lot more back and forth rp with suspects and community members on scene which is great to see more people are willing to rp with us more as well rather than simply force an aggressive approach. We had a fantastic scene the other day which involved a lot of negotiation skills, patience and roleplay that was much more natural, depth to the roleplay and extended a lot more avenues to progress. Something of interest to see from your point of view, though at times it can be difficult to block off nightclubs as they have a habit of being oblivious to anything going on outside. Casings can be so difficult to see, took me three times to find all of the casings on the scene the other day, however this is something that could happen in real life. Officers can miss evidence, granted not often. Training is something I feel we do well and are continuing to push more. Although no more academies, that does not mean that we don't train anymore. Our focus is now on the field training with our field training program and not with an hour of academy that really didn't teach much but more to get an idea of roleplay ability. The guys in FTP have made a fantastic course for new officers that already people who have went through the old system and are training officers in the new have said that the students are leaning a lot more. Scene management comes into the supervisor training programming that I run myself. This trains our sergeants and high level detectives within the team and we look at things like you pointed out with scene management. Then we also have Command Training for Lieutenants, as well as numerous training for different divisions depending on what they need. So platoons in metro might train in breaching, K9 in searching for suspect, officers training how to use a rifle etc. All really important to us and for some fun roleplay. We also have just introduced the new Police Training and Education Division. The division looks into educating officers in everything from pursuit and vehicle control to report writing. It's relatively new but they have made great starts and looking to start with the new Police Office Is with additional training they might want. As for applications, I'm sure someone else will chip in more with this as this isn't my area. However, we don't deny simply because someone has decided their character has a military background that's completely fine. It tend to be that people haven't researched what they are saying they have in experience. There has been a lot of cases where applications have years and years of experience, been to three wars, got themselves a degree and a high rank and then decided to join the PD all by the age of 22. There is a number of officers in the PD that have very realistic military backstories that work well for the character.
  7. User: EfectoMariposa Comment: Yo, I'm sure the whole statement said they all got punished? Terrible reporting. *Comment IP would show a location in the Cool Beans Mirror park*
  8. Cascade

    I think people have already stated this but, we have only the law set out by the government which have no difference in juvenile charges. I always encourage our guys to rp with illegal rpers in a way that gives us both an enjoyable scene and aids character development. My character who significantly older, has often had conversations with kids in cuffs with the whole "Was this worth it? Think what you are doing with your life kid?" Kinda chat and for the most part its been a fun bit of rp, sometimes I don't get much back. However playing a juvenile does not mean you get away with breaking the law, sometimes officers may choose to use their discretion on really minor offences, and hope a bit of leeway helps build a relationship and perhaps steer them towards the right path. However, still the element of the law that we are governed by I'm afraid, perhaps a suggestion of a juvenile wing of the prison might be a great alternative but again something we have no control over.
  9. Cascade

    K-9 Platoon Probationary Evaluation - March, 8th
  10. Cascade

    We all deserve a little wind down eventually
  11. Cascade

  12. Cascade

  13. Cascade

    K-9 Platoon Interior Training - February 24th "You can run, but you can't hide"
  14. Cascade

    Vinewood? Here's me thinking she was worth something in the Hills!