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  1. Yes it is an advantage as it helps lock down aim. I remember tapping the aim assist to lock down aim on gta online.
  2. changooman

    With the recent surge of players, I would say that the city definitely has a more bustling feel to it. It's a nice change of pace from years ago when it felt really empty.
  3. I can't comment on LA but from where I'm from the bouncers have you t-pose and pat you down. As for being armed, I've never seen armed guards for clubs.
  4. changooman

    This will be a common occurrence I imagine as the flood gates are open.
  5. changooman

    I also have the same question, why cannot we use it for something like a sign?
  6. changooman

    Welcome new people!
  7. changooman

    NGRP >> LSRP - I miss raiding Crate Island/Crate Canyon 😞
  8. changooman

    Have not had this issue and today I went on GTA Online on a fresh account to mute the radio audio levels. Keep in mind I have Redux Overhaul and a sound mod installed and it didn't do anything so you are fine.
  9. changooman

    Now Selling Liquor and Tobacco! Good evening friends, Little Seoul Imports & Lounge is proud to announce we have redesigned the interior of our store. We've been granted licenses for the sale of liquor and tobacco. Our shelves are stocked with the highest quality Soju found in San Andreas! We've also imported Korea's most popular cigarette brand, RAISON! We look forward to your business. Best, Little Seoul Imports & Lounge
  10. Depends on how the speed cameras work. I've seen past examples on servers like NGRP and ECRP where the speed cameras are very PG like. There should be more speed traps with police instead.
  11. Username: Mistahw Comment: Welcome to the neighborhood! 서둘러 사다
  12. changooman

    Community Building
  13. changooman

    Sneaky Rat