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Los Santos Mental Hospital


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Short description: Mental hospitals for people to go to, or alternatively, to be taken to if necessary.


Detailed description: The city of Los Santos is a place of uncertainty, and that is most definitely felt through people.

With shootings, accidents, fights, deaths, people witnessing and experiencing all of that might not feel great about it, and ultimately, not feel great about themselves. A psychiatrist might help a few on the short term, but for some others, a more long term solution might be the best option. 


The mental hospital staff would take in patients after determining how much time they would need to spend in the hospital, and the patient would begin their treatment process by talking and interacting with the hospital staff. They'd be provided with a personal room, food, recreation areas, outdoor areas, and for the patients who do not pose any danger to society, going outside of the hospital would be a great way to slowly recover and interact with people again.


When patients ask, or staff determine that a patient is doing well enough, the staff may send them on their way back home, and staff may request for a psychiatrist, which could follow the patient's progress into recovery outside of the hospital's bounds. 


Once taken in to the hospital, the player's spawnpoint would be in their room.


Commands to add:


/addpatient (after intial discussion with the patient, the time spent in the hospital varies in function of the observed patient's mental health)

/removepatient (To remove a patient from the list)

/hrequest (Patient could call for someone in case of an emergency/request)


Items to add: (Not an item but more of a number/line to call the hospital).


How would your suggestion improve the server?: Well, first and foremost, it would create more jobs for people to apply to, especially with the more passiveRP nature of the environment, people could apply for a multitude of positions within the mental hospital itself, even if it's not related to interacting with patients directly.

I believe that some bigger parts of mental health is disregarded or glossed over when players RP their characters after an event they experience/witness. I'm not saying that everyone should suddenly rush to a mental hospital because they saw a person punch another one day, I'm speaking about events, circumstances and situations that would realistically require a visit, or at least having the possibility of having a visit. 


The mental hospital could work with the LSPD, too. When detained people are injured, the LSPD sends them to the hospital first, why not a mental hospital in certain situations where a criminal seems to have mental troubles, like public intoxication, or else?


Additional information:

I feel like at first glance, this wouldn't be the most engaging RP to partake in for many people, but I see a lot of RP opportunities in such an establishment. It would allow characters to develop themselves better than they would without. The best part is, it's not something that's mandatory to go through. It's an option, just like the regular hospital (in some circumstances of course), but that's what make it good, the fact that it's there, and not just implied or hinted at during a conversation in a bar. 


People can interact with eachother in a whole other way, characters could help another find what troubles them, get to the root of the problem and help them fix it. It could help change someone on the criminal path to the legal path again because they see hope and helps them project themselves into a near future where they can enjoy a legal job, hell, the mental hospital itself could help patients in difficulty to find jobs.


It can help a police officer deal with the fact that they just took a life that night, and help them through coping with the conflicting emotions they go through. It's that sort of depth that makes it interesting. It's the follow up to it. A road to personal recovery.





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Hi! PHMC already has this implemented - it's slowly gaining ground.


This isn't really an implementation either in all honesty. There could be some businesses that could apply for this type of business from the UCP.


But - it is already in the game, it just isn't that popular.


Discord invite to PHMC to ask further questions:




As for having the hospital be the player's spawnpoint - I do not believe this is possible // it might be hard to keep track of.


I do like the commands - but they are not really needed as of right now with the current PHMC staff (it needs to become more active). 


Perhaps if the PHMC part of mental institution (the psychology ward and such) gains more traction, we can look into a game suggestion like this in the future!


Going to L&A this - good suggestion though - just already in the game. 



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