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Vespucci 13 is one of the largest Sureño gangs on the West Coast. The gang calls Magellan Avenue it’s home. The gang’s presence dates back to the mid 1900’s, but is slowing down in numbers due to rapid gentrification



In the late 1940’s Los Santos’ development of freeway 405 forced Mexican American communities to move out west towards Vespucci, Del Perro, and Morningwood. As a result of the waves of lower income immigrants the Vespucci area earned the moniker “Ghetto by the Sea.” The area was known by the locals to be one of the cities largest tourist traps due to it’s easy access to the beach.



Above sits Fernando Barela and Raymond Ayala from left to right.


In the 1950’s Vespucci had a second wave of mass immigration with the population almost doubling. In this second wave came Fernando Barela and Raymond Ayala. Both were in their early teens when they met at Vespucci Middle School. Immediately the two grew a close bond and began to push marijuana and heroin for Ayala’s older cousin, ‘Magic’.


The two were very successful in their trade and made a name for themselves. By the time they had graduated highschool they had younger family members selling for them. In 1964 they had amassed a group of almost thirty teenagers. It was then that the two decided to adopt the moniker Vespucci 13. The name clearly pays homage to both the Mexican Mafia and the area in which they lived. There have been several Vespucci 13 members who have affiliated themselves with the eMe such as Rene Blajos and Emilio Montoya, and the two groups keep a close relationship both in and out of the prison system.


In the 1990's Vespucci 13 was one of the targets of a large gang injunction. Three gangs were tagged in the Far West Los Santos Gang Injunctions, and their activity on the streets was very low throughout this period. The gang injunction however did reach it's end and the gangs began to openly gather outside and resume to their ghetto lifestyles.

Vespucci today:




Vespucci trece is currently being led by Peter “BANDIT” Loyola and Tomas “SPOOKY” Ordonez. The gang has been losing power and numbers as a result of the rapid gentrification of far West Los Santos hoods, however there are quite a few active members spread among the organization's five cliques.


The gang is known for its involvement in trafficking drugs for several organizations such as La eMe and Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (MDTO’s). The key drugs pushed by the neighborhood are marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Vespucci 13 is no stranger to robbery. All sorts of robberies seem to go down in Vespucci, whether it be armed, home, or vehicular.

Active Beef:




The beef between Vespucci 13 and Culver City 13 is remarked as one of the largest current beefs in all of Los Santos both in measure of time and lives. Culver City Highschool and Venice Highschool were always bitter rivals in terms of sports. In the late 1960’s both neighborhoods claimed the same corner and had local drug dealers post up and deal drugs off of it.


The two gangs did not like that the other had their dealers pushing on the corner they claimed as their own. Drug dealers from either gang were getting jumped back and forth until the fights grew larger. To protect the dealers and the claimed ‘turf’, members from both groups would stand on the block and press their rivals.


The gangs were quick to involve themselves in massive brawls and fights, however guns were resorted to after only a few months. The homicide rate on the far west side of Los Santos shot up, and has yet to fall back down to where it once was. Each side has lost a lot of members and the beef seems to have no resolution because most current members of either gang have family who've been murdered by the other side.


The picture above shows disrespect to the Del Perro 13 gang by crossing out DP13 tattoos and replacing them with Vespucci related calligraphy. 187 SMAKAS refers to penal code number 187 referring to murder, and "Smacks" being the DP13 gang diss.

Del Perro 13:

The static between Del Perro 13 and Vespucci 13 has been long going ever since the 1950's. The tension between the two groups originated as a school rivalry, however during a lowrider show in 2009 it escalated. Attending this show was a high respected Vespucci 13 member, Daniel Cortez, and a Mexican Mafia tax collector who were discussing politicks in Del Perro when several members of the Del Perro 13 gang recognized Cortez's tattoos. 

The Del Perro members instantly began pressing Cortez about his affiliations and where he was from before allegedly disrespecting the tax collector during a verbal altercation. During this altercation the tax collector stated his affiliation to the Mexican Mafia, and a Del Perro member disrespected said affiliation which was taken as disrespect to the Mexican Mafia. Del Perro 13 was ultimately greenlit by the Mexican Mafia and for months were the targets of a string of shootings. The best known attack in this web of murder is referred to as the Virginia Park incident. 

Isaias Lopez and Jose Romo-Soto were shot by Vespucci 13 members, killing Romo-Soto and gravely wounding Lopez. Lopez, on what he thought was his deathbed, attested that an African-American Vespucci 13 member was the driver and shooter involved in this incident. The shooter was eventually caught. Lopez ended up living and was marked as a snitch. This incident further alienated the two gangs and increased the already hostile tensions.

The conflict between the two gangs has lived on for over 70 years and is still being acted on in modern times.


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Our aim is to accurately portray a modern sureño gang, Venice 13 in this case. All members are expected to follow the server's rules at all times. Vespucci 13's and La Eme's leaderships reserve the right to character kill any member at any time if deemed necessary. By associating yourself in our faction or posting RP faction-related content on our thread, your CK permissions are automatically granted to us. Permissions to post screenshots must be given by the leadership in our discord.
For any questions on how to join or inquiries about the faction, feel free to pm @XIK or @Miggs

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Vespucci 13 Cliques: 

W/S Ghosttown Locos:

monke.pngThe W/S Vespucci 13 Ghosttown Locos clique occupies the small apartment complex alongside Magellan Avenue and Vitus St. The clique was founded in the mid 1990's, right in the middle of the peak in the cholo lifestyle. Those who were put on pre 2014 were jumped into what is now referred to as the 'Big Locos' sect of the clique, while those inducted after are apart of the 'Lil Locos'. Despite being in 2021, those who are considered 'Big Locos' often wear the same styles and speak with the same vernacular as their old-school counterparts as a way to pay homage to those who they looked up to and put them on their lifestyle.


The stretch of land that the gang calls it's turf is often referred to as "Ghosttown." The Ghosttown block is apart of the larger "Dogtown" collective that is Vespucci. The region was given the moniker "Ghosttown" because of it's lack of presence during the day. It was at night that all of the habitants would come out. The name Ghosttown also alludes to the way the area's gangsters move. In the shadows.


The Ghosttown Locos clique is the gang's most ruthless and active clique with around 30 active members on the streets. 





Goma Boys Clique: 

Image result for chicano skatersThe Goma Boys Clique was founded in the early 1980 by a band of skaters and punk enthusiasts. While the group first began as a small collection of drug-addicted friends who pushed small amounts of cocaine on the side, they soon jumped deep into the criminal underworld. Marcus Araiza, the group's unofficial leader, was attending a white punk rock band's concert when a verbal altercation ensued. A fight broke out and Araiza ended up being wheeled away in an ambulance with multiple stab wounds. Araiza was left with severe nerve damage. 


Soon after Araiza's discharge from Pillbox Hill is when the gang began to militarize. They began to take their drug-dealing endeavors more seriously and began to push larger quantities and more potent narcotics. While the gang developed a couple of rivalries, they grew close with most of the local sets. One of these sets being Vespucci 13. The gang gained traction and was influenced by a Mexican Mafia associate to join the larger Sureño network. 


In the early months of 2021, Goma 13 was hit by a series of crippling charges. Most of the gang's upper echelon was either in federal custody or had several warrants out for their arrest. With little options, the gang chose to claim Vespucci 13 and began to operate as a clique under the Vespucci 13 gang. 

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