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Blaine County Christian Community

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Grounded in faith, Uplifted in Worship, Reaching out in Love.


About Us


Welcome to the page of the Blaine County Christian Community.


This community was founded by a group of Christian's passionate for the progression of Christ's Kingdom throughout San Andreas.


Our aim is to spread God's love, his teachings through the Bible, and his redemption served to us through Jesus Christ. Amen.




Paleto Bay




We are based from St Bridgid's Baptist Church in Paleto Bay. The Church doors are always open, and you're always welcome. For information about this church contact Scott Adler or Gregory Francis.


Great Chaparall Hill Valley Church




Hill Valley Church is based out in Great Chaparall. Under the leadership of Father Adam they open weekly on Sunday's for Mass, and on Wednesdays for Confessional. For further information or to talk to someone from this church, contact Juniper Bradshaw.


I will open a door that no man can shut. Revelations 3:8.


Our Community


We host regularly community get-together's, bring and shares, cookouts and weekly walks where everyone is welcome to join, engage or even host.


Our Churches hold services every Sunday, where you and your families are all welcome to come and take part of our engaging and interactive services lead by both our pastors, and members of our community.


For where there are more than two gathered in my name, I am with them.  - Matthew 18:20.


Baptism's, Weddings and Funerals (Hatch, Match and Dispatch)


All of our preaching team are trained and licensed to conduct Baptism's, Weddings and Funerals. Should you need to arrange such a service please reach out to those in the contact us section who will work with you to arrange a suitable occasion for you, your friends and family.


Prayer Line


Sometimes prayer can be difficult. We struggle to know what to say and how to say it. We can feel alone in what we’re going through. In those times, it’s great to have someone to pray alongside you. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think your prayer request is, if it matters to you, it matters to God.


You can reach out to our prayer line by calling or messaging 7729 (PRAY) from any phone during our opening times. 


Our People




Revd. Scott Adler

Lead Pastor - St. Brigid Baptist Church - Paleto Bay

( @MomoIsHere )


Scott is a pastor, born and bred in Paleto Bay. His mission and commitment to faith took him to study Theology at the Appalachian Bible College before going on to become an ordained Pastor. He now leads the church and community out in Paleto Bay.




Father Adam Dorsey

Church Leader - Great Chaparall Hill Valley Church

( @Stackalicious )


Info to come soon.





Revd. Gregory Francis

Senior Pastor - St. Brigid Baptist Church - Paleto Bay

( @Adv )


Gregory is a Pastor from Kentucky. Husband of Jane, Father of two: Jonah and Elijah, Grandfather of Five:  Summer, Hope, Elias, Abel, John. Studying Theology at the Appalachian Bible College at a young age, before going on to become a tutor, he now finds himself following the call of God to serve the community of San Andreas. Gregory is a travelling pastor by trade, working in both cities and rural communities, prisons and schools to bring the word of God to all people. He helps lead our Prayerline service, always lending his ear to a community in need.




Juniper Bradshaw

Administrative Assistant - Great Chaparall Hill Valley Church

( @Scarecrow )


More info to come soon.



Contact Us


Want to get involved with our community? Need someone to talk to? Reach out to our team and we will start your journey on faith together. Contact each of the churches leadership members should you need help from a particular church. Should you wish to reach out to someone to help connect you, reach out to Pastor Scott or Greg, who will be able to help you further.


Do you work at a church within the San Andreas area? Would you be willing to work with our community? Reach out to our team above and we'll get back in contact with you shortly!



(( ty @celestialrage for the logo ))




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Pastor Greg's first visit to the Twin Tower's Correctional Facilty.









That all who believe in HIM, Shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.

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Greetings Friends,


Wow, it has been the most eventful week in our church calendar to date! This week both Pastor Scott and I have met with various members of the community, engaging in social events, and recognising the presence of God in this place. God is MOVING the people of Los Santos, and we stand with him, knowing that he will bless us as we step forward in faith.




It is my pleasure that we can announce, as of Sunday, that the Paleto Bay Church will be reopen, continuing our weekly sessions of worship and praise. We invite each and every one of you along to join in with the services and to stand before God. Pastor Scott has worked very hard on returning the church to its once stable position, working with the local Government to ensure that it meets building standards and is safe for us to continue to worship



We have also been working very hard to open up a connection with the Catholic Church within Los Santos, a local community coming forward to help us reignite the flame of the Holy Spirit within Rockford. We look forward to updating you with more on this in the coming weeks.




As we begin this peiod of lent, we give up something important, sacrificially in recognising Jesus' own path as he walked into the desert, to be tempted by the devil for 40 days.


This was a unique time in his own life, as he was tempted by Satan throughout this period. He fasted, and remained faithful, and part of our journey is being sacirificial, so that he could continue forward in his ministry during his time here on earth.


Want to learn more about the period of Lent and why we go through this? I will be focusing my Sermon on this on Sunday Morning!




This week alone, we have have great engagement with the local community, followed by a service today to celebrate the life of a local member of the community, Doris Malloway. We heard some wonderful stories, from a community very touched by her presence, one of which I believe she will be dearly missed.




As always, both Churches and all the Pastoral Team across the churches are available for enquiries regardings Weddings, Funerals and Baptism's. Should there be an occasion in your life that you'd like to mark under the eyes of God, please reach out to each and any of us via Email and we will arrange a time to meet to discuss things further.


In the meantime, when available I trust that you all know to reach out to the Pastoral Team via the Phone Number 7729 (PRAY) during the week, and we'll stand with you to support and guide where we can.


Next week, I look forward to giving you more information about the ways in which God has continued to bless this community.


Yours in Faith,


Pastor Greg.

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Blaine County Christian Community Notice


Dear Community,


We are happy to announce that the renovations of the St. Brigid Baptist Church located in Paleto Bay are no longer ongoing and the church is now available for public use. We are also happy to announce that the first sunday service inside the church was able to occur on the 21st of February.




We thank everyone that attended the service and actively participates in our offered services. God has been with us the entire time during the reforming of the christian community up in Paleto and we can finally aid the local community of Paleto with our services yet again, due to the finished renovations.


You are all welcome to reach out to one of our local pastors, if you feel the need to talk or can't seem to find the right words to reach out to the heavenly father.


Stay tuned for our weekly news letter, as this was just a short notice about our church located in Paleto Bay.


Yours in faith,


Pastor Adler.

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