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  1. I am interested in the Vapid Dominator Classics you have. Please reach out to me on 895-22-05.
  2. Name: blake cohle Movie 1: eternals Movie 2: dont look up
  3. Logistics companies are overwhelmed, businesses complain. Source: StockPictures BY LOGAN WOLF Los Santos, SA - All businesses require to stock up every once in a while, and the majority of them rely on logistics companies to provide for their needs. However lately, some businesses have been resorting to supplying themselves or they complain about paying more than before and an unfair price for the trucking services. Hearing these complaints, our journalist crew here at LSNN decided to investigate the issue and possibly, and hopefully, find the middle ground that's going to make everyone happy. In order to find a solution, some experts needed to be consulted and some business owners needed to be heard. That is exactly what we did. Speaking to several logistics company employees and many business owners, both in the city and countryside, we are hoping that we can shed the necessary light on this issue. Source: LSNN Archives First and foremost, our journalist crew decided to get an expert's opinion on this. We scheduled a meeting with one of the top transport companies, IMEX Logistics, to talk to their management team. At the lot, we were welcomed by one of the managers: Nikolas Bond. He has been in this field since April 2021, and has a remarkable amount of experience in trucking. He allowed us to see this issue from an insider's point of view. "There were times with no orders before," said Mister Bond, when asked if this problem has been going on for long. For the last couple of weeks, there has been a significant increase in crate requests by businesses, and even though it's a tough challenge to take on, Mister Bond believes IMEX raised to the occasion with their talented drivers and smart management. "IMEX is making a difference," Mister Bond told us proudly. When asked about what could be done to improve the current state of trucking, Mister Bond mentioned one of their services called IMEX Connect. Using this service, business owners can directly contact the truckers and put in orders personally, which are guaranteed to be delivered quicker. After the interview with Mister Bond, our crew decided to hear the other side of things. Thinking that the countryside must be getting less attention by truckers, we went up there to meet the local business owners. We have gotten mixed answers; some businesses were satisfied by the logistics companies' services, while some businesses mostly had to rely on themselves to stock up their places. Source: LSNN Archives Jaelyn Inglehart, the manager of a cozy bar called The Corner and a liquor store in Sandy Shores, complained about logistics companies falling short. Miss Inglehart uses her liquor store, called Ace Liquor, to stock up her bar, but without stocking up the liquor store itself firstly, there is no way for her to fill up the fridges of her saloon. "Truckers prefer shorter routes, leaving folks up here out," said Miss Inglehart when asked about the reason for logistics companies' incapability. Shorter distances to deliver goods equals quick money, and truckers are simply after their paycheck, like everyone else. While Miss Inglehart doesn't blame truckers for picking closer destinations to deliver, she has a couple of ideas that could fix this issue. "Getting a warehouse out here could work," was Miss Inglehart's idea. If logistics companies open up a warehouse in the county, they could satisfy the needs of the countryside businesses, as well as creating new job opportunities for the locals in the area. "The government should help liven up Sandy Shores, we feel forgotten," some locals told us. They asked for lower taxes and higher initiatives by the state government to improve the standards in all the towns in Blaine County and aid the lovely community there. Another manager, up in Grapeseed, told us that they are doing their deliveries on their own. Mister Amos Kramer of Wonderama Arcade said that they have tried the services provided by the logistics companies several times, and they were satisfied with it. So our journalist crew aimed to find a business that stocked up their place on their own because they weren't satisfied with the trucking companies. Source: LSNN Archives Our journalist crew went down to the beloved gun store in Cypress Flat: Guns Direct. One of the leading brands in their business field, and having one of the best shooting ranges in the city, one would think that Guns Direct had no problems with their orders and deliveries. Unfortunately, Dwight Dennis, the owner, stated that he had to rent a truck to get his materials himself for most of the time. The retrieval point of the necessary parts is outside the city borders, near YouTools in Senora Freeway, and Mister Dennis complains that most truckers avoid taking such long a route without extra payment to motivate them. "The state and the employees take a percentage from each sale," Mister Dennis explained, "leaving the store barely enough money to stock up. I usually can't afford to pay extra to get the truckers to deliver," he complained about the paradox he is in. Apparently, renting a truck whenever the gun store requires deliveries is much cheaper than putting up orders that pay an additional amount of money to drivers. Mister Kramer of Wonderama Arcade had stated that paying more for this service sounds unfair. While some of the clubs and mechanic garages and clothing stores are very much satisfied with the logistics companies' services, some often resort to doing deliveries themselves or pay the extra bit of money to convince the truckers to prioritize them. We wanted to talk to another expert about this very issue, and reached out to another famous logistics company in the city. Source: LSNN Archives We arranged a meeting with Delta National Logistics and went down to their lot to pick Jake Reynolds' brain about this issue. Unsurprisingly, Mister Reynolds gave us some insight about this matter that we expected a supervisor with his experience would. "There is a problem because people made it one," Mister Reynolds told our journalist crew. According to him, this "paying extra" incentive was made into a problem by the business owners. Some owners started offering more money than the rest to get their deliveries prioritized, and this left out those businesses that didn't or couldn't pay more for their orders, which turned the services into an open auction. It's not the logistics companies' responsibility to ensure everybody gets their orders," Mister Reynolds stated. While these companies surely have a responsibility to make sure that businesses get what they want as quickly as possible through quality service, they cannot blame truckers for picking higher-paying deliveries and leaving out the other businesses, even though some of those ignored businesses can't afford to pay more. Mister Reynolds suggested that additional factories could be opened up in the county, so the drive from there to countryside businesses would be shorter, and truckers would take these orders more frequently. "We do convoys up to the county," Mister Reynolds mentioned - another solution to providing for the businesses outside of the city or far from factories. The supervisor also told us that some of the truckers feel targeted by the police in traffic, which is another reason for them to choose the shortest routes possible. "They seem to pull over truckers for the smallest of reasons, if any," Mister Reynolds said, referring to the officers. While truckers have a notorious reputation for neglecting traffic laws, Mister Reynolds believes that generalizing will hurt the companies, and the business owners directly. Furthermore, Mister Reynolds explained the partnership program they had in Delta National Logistics. Businesses can partner up with logistics companies to receive deliveries regularly, which gives perks to both sides of the deal. Mister Reynolds mentioned that they have partnered with some garages, and in exchange for getting regular deliveries, these garages promise discounts for maintaining their fleet. It's undeniable that some businesses are struggling to get their deliveries, but we have found out that it is also undeniable that the logistics companies are doing all they can about it. From partnership programs to arranging convoys to far businesses, the logistics companies seem to be trying to be enough for everyone. While it is a fact that it takes some time for issues such as this to be resolved, working together as a community, we at LSNN believe that the process can be sped up. To finding new ways to improve. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  4. Interested in both Vapid Dominator Classic and Razor. Can we schedule a meeting?
  5. Dinka Blista for sale. Top notch performance package, low mileage, no accident records or changed parts. Automatic transmission, diesel fuel. $25.000! Gallery: (( OOC ))
  6. I'm looking to trade my trailer, located in the heart of Sandy Shores (7713 Mountain View Drive), for a 2-bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood of Los Santos. Please leave your offers down below. Interior: https://imgur.com/a/7q2t7cp
  7. THE SIXTY-EIGHT BAR is looking for a bouncer. The bar is located on Route 68, near the bank. RESPONSIBILITIES Will protect the customers and the employees and the bar itself. Will bounce troublemakers right outside and call the Sheriff's Department if necessary. Nothing else. The bouncer can stay inside or outside, interact with the customers or the employees and enjoy the service. REQUIREMENTS Has to be an absolute unit, someone who can drag people out of the establishment. Doesn't have to have a gun license or a security license as long as you don't plan to carry a weapon. Knows how to use a phone and owns one too, to call the deputies when necessary. PAYMENT Free drink and food throughout their shift + hourly pay of three thousand ($3000) dollars. CONTACT Jake Wolf (the co-owner): 323-0-9673 [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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