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  1. Buyout if not sold already.
  2. Jaz

    Fly high my man, we will miss you. 

  3. I don't really know who dropped it off as my ring camera didn't activate, I was browsing a site called freepandapointz. I think it's official. The envelope smelt funny and I feel woozy but it looks real. What do you guys think? I want my panda points
  4. If we want realism, a single shooting scene would have units backed up for numerous hours. Collecting every single scrap of evidence possible. In the climate of the server, we have people expecting LEO role players to roleplay everything through on through while being expected to handle every-single situation. Not every LEO wants constant action, having to be forced to jump from call to call. They have their own characters to play. The only possible way without damaging roleplay quality is to have more people in the faction. And you can't force people to join.
  5. Buyout if possible.
  6. Buyout if the other buyer doesn't come through.
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