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  1. Nothing is perfect. LSRP had a worse system and that functioned since the very, very early days. What we have is one of the best options, that is not automated.
  2. And for context, it's approximately 2-3 points per application.
  3. You won't be getting an automated system. That's just stupid. Implemented.
  4. I can assure you, as someone who lead an approach to tacking PF abuse as well as in-character strawman purchases, removal of the human element will just screw this over and cause more workload for admins as well as ruining the experience for other players. Yes, I have tried to go onto FLD.GTA.WORLD, it's down. It's down because it's a website that is a paid host. You're enjoying a free service. Yes, it has impacted your roleplay. shame that a system is not perfectly catered to you. Stop putting up ridiculous strawman arguments. These are actual people running this system, they don't have too and there is nothing stopping them from just leaving. Which a majority of them have been lately due to posts like this slating them. Why can't there be a positive post for once?
  5. I must have a gun to roleplay legally. 😅 The exams have been amended, they're fine. Just read the question. These are actual people who don't get paid to look through your application; it's not automated as some people think it to be. This is a strawman argument. They try their best, and given the workload they have, it's very difficult to manage in a timely manner. And no, they can't just 'hire' more people. People have to come to them expressing they want to do it. It's not a forced position. This is a game, and it should not cause people stress like an actual job. If you can come up with a better system, go for it but I can assure you if you want it to be an automated process, it can easily be abused and you'll be complaining about the influx of PF guns in a matter of days. No one seems to care about the people that actually put effort into this for the sake of other people.
  6. (( Attached to this listing would be an email address (Forum PM) ))
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