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  1. Woop we are on page 69 you know what that means! We are 31 pages away from 100
  2. Buyout, please! 🙂
  3. Buyout if above doesn't come through.
  4. https://streamable.com/08fu7l Following Wyatt's 60th Birthday - House warming party.
  5. Hello! I am a golfer looking to improve my game, with that in mind, I need to improve my equipment! I'm looking to purchase a set of professional golf-clubs. (( An actual script golf club. )). Please contact me privately through my account on this website, my phone number of 18892265 or via my email address attached. (( Forum PMS )). Thank you!
  6. Initially born in Los Santos, 1963 to a medically ran family, Wyatt Mayhew was an only child to a mother and father who worked as a nurse and doctor. Mayhew lived the life of an upper-middle-class household in the Mirror Park area. Graduating from Havard with a PhD in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Mayhew became a Sheriff's Deputy with the Los Santos County Sheriffs Department before becoming a Homicide Detective for six years. Following a resignation from the Sheriff's Department, utilising his educational background, Mayhew became a Medical Investigator with the Los Santos Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. On the 18th of April, 2018, Wyatt Mayhew was appointed by the Los Santos County Board of Supervisors to become the County Coroner for the whole of the Los Santos Medical Examiner-Coroner. Having spent twenty years with the department, with a collective of 4,500 autopsies performed under his signature, Mayhew is slowly reaching the end of his working years as a highly-skilled medical professional and is looking for a retirement home to spend his remaining years with his new passions and grandchildren. This thread covers his story surrounding his final working years and what he decides to do with a bountiful pension and life-time worth of investments. Mayhew currently resides in his retirement home in the Vinewood Hills, a new build within the estate that after years worth of safe investments has finally paid off for. Dr Wyatt Mayhew PhD Los Santos Department of Medical Examiners - Coroners. County Coroner " Law and science serving the community "
  7. It was an absolute pleasure to roleplay with you guys, enjoyable, fair and fun.
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