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  1. Looking for $50,000.
  2. Short description: A simple command to clean the dirt off a vehicle. Detailed description: The dirt that collects on vehicles seems to be different for each model. Some models can go forever and barely look dirty then you have a model that can go a mile and looks like it has been through a mud pit. Basically, a simple command to clean the vehicle for those of us who like a clean vehicle. The dirtiness of a vehicle isn't synced (yet) so I don't see the issue with allowing something like this. Commands to add: /cleanveh Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: It would simply allow people who like their vehicles looking clean to have that experience without being forced to drive around in a completely dirt covered car when realistically speaking, that wouldn't happen. Additional information:
  3. Selling a Landstalker XL in blue. The vehicle has several cosmetic modifications valued over $25,000. Currently taking offers.
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