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  1. SOLD! send me a pm here or discord, smoke#7419
  2. Noted, shoot me a pm smoke#7419
  3. Start bid: $100.000 Buyout: $125.000 STATS PICTURES
  4. Starting Bid- $100,000 Buyout- $200,000 STATS Picture
  5. Charleston Street Housing Unit 6 SB: $95,000 BO: $160,000 Exterior No Interior Picture's, Ready to be Furnished. Bid must include a sum of: $5,000 Also buying a house in Mirror Park: HERE
  6. Damn, Rest easy.

  7. Got allem details most screens don't be havin, jus needa up em graphics..
  8. I don't really know if you can have an house here but if, i'm looking for one. Reply Under or contact me via forums or smoke#7419
  9. Offering 50k for the Vapid Scout, smoke#7419
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