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  1. UPDATE - TEMPORARY HOLD ON FLIGHTS Good evening! We will put all flights on hold for the foreseeable future, as we update our safety guidelines and landing procedures. In the meantime, if you had a flight booked with us, please make sure to call 7247 or send us a text: we will be glad to either refund you, or put your flight as a priority once we re-open. This also means an updated landing zone map will be made available, once we are able to get those validated through all the proper channels. In the meantime, spring is coming! This means a lot of new exciting tours, places to land at, and fun beach times to be had! Thank you for your patience. (( There have been changes in the aviation authority. In itself it's not a big deal. However there are a suddenly lot of new rules that aren't written anywhere but that all pilots are supposed to know. Things that were common knowledge/courtesy and taught in IC flight school for years can now get you suspended. And you can't guess which rules are still OK and which aren't until you're in IC trouble. To avoid any IC problem out of this OOC situation, I'd rather pause the business. Once things are clarified, and there is no risk of being punished IC for OOC problems, we'll be back πŸ™‚ See you later ))
  2. Great thanks πŸ™‚ It seemed like common sense to me but not to everyone, so at least now I'm 100% sure I'm not talking nonsense, when I say "no, landing in state parks is not allowed even if it's not expressly forbidden in the IC aviation code". Thanks!
  3. Hello! πŸ™‚ I have a quick question regarding federal vs state law in aviation! The SA Aviation Code has a list of places where it's strictly forbidden to land: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/51897-san-andreas-aviation-code/ This does not include state parks. I thought it was a bit strange so I don't land there (and there's no LZ on my business map inside state parks). Because federal / FAA law forbids landing in state parks for obvious reasons. No point in having a park where wildlife is protected, if you're going to land and frighten everything while spilling jet fuel fumes πŸ˜› But the statuses of federal laws and authorities is a bit strange on the server. So just to be sure, is it illegal to land in a state park? It would make much more sense. If it's the case it could be nice to add it into the IC law just in case, so someone can't say "I didn't know" πŸ™‚ And it would avoid nonsense conversations where one person says it's legal and one person says it isn't. Thanks πŸ™‚
  4. FUNDING, PALETO BAY, AND NEW HELIPAD IN HAWICK: Following several offers, we must announce that we are currently not in need of funding. Should you want to help a local business and have a fun flight though? Feel free to book a taxi ride, we'll be happy to bring you over from any safe landing area to any other, in mere minutes. Additionally, we're glad to add landing zone 40 on the map (southern area), located in Hawick. Need to go anywhere in Hawick or Vinewood? Now we can get you there! Our kind thanks to the owners of the building on Meteor Street, who allowed access to the roof and helipad. Finally, following multiple attacks on our clients, pilots and aircraft in Paleto Bay by local residents, we must warn our kind customers of the incurred risks for anyone landing there. If you do not have any specific business there, and merely would like to visit the countryside, we'll be glad to advise other locations, where the odds of getting shot by teenagers are considerably lower.
  5. I can shed some more light on this. And yes it's true. πŸ™‚ It comes from a lot of different problems. San Air is supposed to be, originally, a helicopter charter company. I looked into them, IRL, a lot, before opening. Generally, those tend to work rather well and to become profitable quickly. The reason is simple. Most mid-to-high end companies tend to reach a point where the time of their managers and execs becomes more valuable than money. E.g.: their manager needs to have 3 meetings in 3 different places in the LA county. They can go to one meeting by car, because of traffic and all that, the day is over. Then they have another meeting the next day. And another the next day. OR. They can charter a helicopter, and go to all 3 meetings in a single day. Same goes for "VIP" rich people whose time is more valuable than the (tons of) money they have. Issue is, this market segment exists IRL, realistically, but doesn't exist in-game. So, I added tours on top, to have more activity. And it brings a few people. But. Most helicopter tour companies make their money from tourists. We don't have them πŸ˜„ That means, realistically a helicopter touring & charter company could easily make bank quickly. But since the server has a very special context, it doesn't. So it's like you said, there is a need for a script benefit. BUT. Even if your business brings a script benefit, it may be "speaking" to a segment of the population that isn't represented on the serv. That means the business that would be "realistically" profitable isn't. Have that problem with my first (and only πŸ˜› ) employee. They realized that most shifts are boring. You wait at the heliport, hoping at least one person will come by lol. Looking at my accounting, we have (on average) 0,12 clients per ad sent. That's 0.24 clients per hour. Which means for each helicopter trip, you have to AFK/wait on average for 4-5 hours. Not amazing lol. It's part of why my character also part-time manages a bar. It gives her a job that 1) Is much more active, you see a lot of people when you open, and 2) Makes some money. It might not be perfectly realistic. But the fact that the charter company makes no money isn't realistic in the first place lol. And I like to RP with new people a little instead of AFK'ing at La Puerta all day πŸ˜„
  6. UPDATE - PILOT ROSTER: We're glad to welcome a new pilot today! Twice the availability: should you want to book a flight with us, please feel free to either call 7247 or 8081 from now on. See you soon!
  7. WEBSITE UPDATE: Our website went through a major update today, with a new branding and looks. Thanks to TI Designsβ„’ for their precious and quick help!
  8. REOPENING: We are glad to announce that, after receiving the green light from the PHMC doctors, we are re-opening starting today! We will first work through the previously booked flights that got delayed, before moving on to taking new appointments. As usual, if one of your flights was delayed or if you want any information, please call us at 7247 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]
  9. Or have another job to fuel your cool RP business, it's what i have to do to cover it all. To pay for the leases and all the rest i have to work as a manager at another business, otherwise it would be guaranteed bankruptcy lol. and even then: And there's no fleet of elegys or anything, it's just the office, the helicopter, internet, security. Ofc the problem is that then i get called a mallrat because my char has more than 1 job lol you just can't ever win. Bcs you're held to the same profitability standards as a bar/club so either you work 2+ jobs to sustain your rp business or it dies after a few months.
  10. 1-WEEK INTERRUPTION AFTER ASSAULT: After a kidnapping and assault in the middle of the La Puerta Heliport, where we operate from, our pilot will not be able to fly for a week. Her captors struck her in the head with a baseball bat, resulting in a head trauma. While she's thankfully in good health and recovering, we judge it prudent to not fly immediately, for her safety and our kind clients'. Should you have had a flight booked with us, rest assured we will call you and do our best to reschedule in a timely manner, with a 10 percent discount as an apology for the delay. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  11. it's funny to read because my character's a heli pilot who signed up for an mma tournament πŸ™‚ i'm sure some people will say the same things you are saying and ignore that i voluntarily play her as poorly trained, not muscular enough, and that she will definitely lose. She just can't say no to a friend and a friend asked lol problem is most people, esp. on the forums, assume that IF a character does more than one thing, then they re an expert in everything. They never assume: maybe this character can do a lot of things but they're like mediocre or "just ok enough". Instead they not only assume your char's good at everything (even tho they only do 2 or 3 things) but then they invent themselves a world of delirium where your char's also military trained or sth... but personally I won't start rejecting a coherent IC situation just bc the forum people may think it's bad, and for their pleasure lol. However if that situation is new then yeah, she's going to suck at it... like her upcoming participation in an mma tournament, even though the poor dumb thing trains for maybe 3 hours a week πŸ˜„ that's very true though. If you limited every character to one single thing, you wouldn't do a lot of stuff and most businesses wouldn't have employees, there's suspension of disbelief involved. That same char i got who pilots choppers? She had FIVE heliocopter clients in the entire month of January.... if I limited myself to only that activity, tbh I wouldn't do much lol. So since she did bartending in college, she takes bartending gigs to pay for jet fuel and rent, but, mostly, it's also to create new rp connections.
  12. lol they probably never trucked then πŸ˜› i posted this elsewhere on another post https://streamable.com/4fsru4 but this kind of stuff happens to me regularly (inb4 "you were caught lacking" while i was literally just driving lmao)
  13. TO OUR KIND CLIENTS - TEMPORARY CLOSING: Our pilot will be taking a few days for family reasons, starting this Saturday 22nd of January, until Wednesday the 26th of January (included). We will at that point not be able to book any new flights, and possible be unable to reply to e-mails and calls. Should you have any urgent need for a flight, we kindly encourage you to contact your local airfields, such as Blaine Aviation or Sandy Airfields. Thank you for your understanding, we will see you in less than a week!
  14. San Airdreas

    Niche RP

    Hello πŸ™‚ Niche RP specialist here (air taxi). It's definitely not easy to find activity overall or attract interest. Most often the problem is convincing people to try it. I noticed people usually don't come see us bc they believe helicopter=expensive or they don't know why they'd hire a pilot. But every one that actually comes and tries it ends up a regular client lol. I got a full sheet, and over 75% of people who come see san air actually end up liking it and come back. I think it's similar with other kinds of more niche stuff. Like record stores. I went in one, once bc someone invited me ic to come check it out and it was really a lot cooler than I thought it would be. It's funny also bc I'm often trying to find "excuses" to hire niche rp providers lol. Like dot it I was literally waiting to get an office to call them πŸ˜„ Or the bug eliminators, same thing I wanted to call them soon as I had the office (but now they're gone, sadly). Pbm is that only a small section of the server pop is interested in those more niche things. But ye for those who don't do it: if you see a weird or unusual kinda business and you're not doing anything, go check it out, I've had plenty of super cool surprises! The key isn't wondering "why would my character go there", but asking yourself "is there any reason why my character would NOT go there?". If there's no reason to avoid the place, then I consider that mere curiosity is reason enough to go check it. The objective's to find and create cool RP, so if there is no reason to avoid it? Then why not πŸ™‚
  15. Even now if you mention that most rp is done inside because of bad robbing rp, you're often looked down as a mallrat-who-can't-take-real-rp-and-consequences. The problem is that if you get out, this kind of shit happens (to this day i still don't know what he wanted with me). https://streamable.com/4fsru4 (the guy went offline the second I went to hide in mission row pd lol). And that stuff is every day, it's also why I don't truck much anymore. Idk how to fix that. But if people staying inside were less often called mallrats and the real actual problems were looked at some more, the situation would be different. Because for now that kind of random stuff happens a lot.
  16. Hey πŸ™‚ I just wanted to share how it's been going for me so far, maybe it will give an idea why this topic is opened. Those here are my last 3 months: I passed the flight license by contacting a flight instructor who was listed on the SAAA external forum. Then I went to the lsgov external forum to apply for a business license, and had it. Then I went to apply for a vehicle lease for a helicopter - by the time it was handled, I had enough money to buy one on my own without a lease though. Next I wanted to recruit pilots but I need a business script so I applied for one but it was denied, I needed to have a hangar for the helicopter to get a business garage. So I applied for a hangar space but I was told I needed to "set it as a lease" which I was confused about since I DID apply for a lease. A player told me I need to apply for the hangar as a normal property, so now I'm waiting for the next property round. Then I made a full map of the helipads in the game, and got in touch with PM to see if the ones on roofs could have smart TPs, so I can pick people up there. I was told maybe, and also that because of my request, there is a chance that LFM will make it forbidden / illegal to land on helipads around the city which would make the entire business useless, so I can just close it. I've started around the end of October, today we're almost in 2022 and I still can't recruit anybody or park the heli in a business garage. 😞 Or place an ad icon on the map when I'm open. So far the admins who've handled my stuff were always nice tho. It was a good surprise πŸ™‚ But the crazy amount of steps, sometimes not well documented, can make it very difficult for a new player to open a business, if it's not a bar or something like that. For a bar that is already scripted you can apply for a lease it's easy. For something like I'm doing, it can become very long and very frustrating.
  17. CONTACT INFORMATION UPDATE: From now on, our kind clients can reach us at: [email protected] Feel free to use this address if you need to book a flight in advance! For more last-minute requests, our number (SAIR - 7247) remains available.
  18. REOPENING We are back, and you may now book flights again. Same as usual, either through e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at SAIR - 7247. Looking forward to flying you around the state!
  19. TO OUR KIND CLIENTS - END OF YEAR: The end of year approaching, our pilot will be on vacation for a week, starting tomorrow (the 23rd of December 2021). We will of course honor any booked flight, but will not be able to book any new flights in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding, and we wish you a lovely holiday!
  20. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making a reservation, please make sure to look at our landing zone map first and see where you would like to be picked up, and dropped off. When booking a flight, make sure to call us with the approximate time of your trip, as well as the names / numbers of your pickup and dropoff locations. In order to make this as convenient as possible for our clients, we have amended the map and numbered each individual LZ. If you have any question, please feel free to call us at 7247 or send us an e-mail.
  21. WEBSITE CHANGELOG: 12/2nd/2021: Updated landing site maps, added an off-airport landing zone 12/6th/2021: Updated landing site maps and added a list of names for each helipad and landing zone 12/17th/2021: Updated landing site maps with Helipad #39: Diamond Casino & Resort 02/13th/2021: New website branding 03/9th/2021: Added contact information for Selena Lopez
  22. Time is money - don't waste it on the roads! SAN AIRDREASβ„’ is an air carrier, aimed at private citizens and catering to a variety of specific needs. From the busy businessperson, who cannot afford to remain stuck in traffic for half an hour, to the young lover who'd like to propose in exceptional surroundings, we will tailor our services to your requests. Would you like to know more? Call us at SAIR - 7247, at 8081, send us an e-mail, or look at our offers below! $2.500/10 minutes* Heading somewhere? Get there in just a few minutes, bypass all the crazy traffic downtown, and forget about all the time you've ever wasted on the road. Our pilot will catch you at any of the many helipads and safe landing zones spread across San Andreas, and we'll bring you to your destination! Take all the frustration away from your trip, for barely more than a taxi ride. *Cannot book for less than 10 minutes, terms & conditions apply. $7.500 6.500 / half hour - $15.000 11.000 / hour You have a plan, and it can't just be done in ten minutes. Maybe you need to visit a lot of different places? Maybe you have things to do that will require our pilot to wait for you while you're busy? Not only is it not a problem, but you will also be granted a consequent discount. The state is your oyster! Contact us! Frequent flyer? Put down a retainer, and we will be your private pilot. 10-minute pickup, priority on any other customer, you'll be able to go anywhere, whenever. If one of our pilots is available, they will be available for you first. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we'll be glad to establish a rate that will fit you to a T. $4.000 per trip ~15 minutes You want to go somewhere special, but you don't know the state of San Andreas that well? How lucky! Our pilots know all the most amazing nooks and crannies of the city and the countryside. If you want to have a special evening with friends, a loved one, or on your own, we'll be glad to ferry you to the best place possible. Tell us what you need, and we'll find just the location! $5.000 per delivery + cost of goods In a pickle? Sometimes you need something - and you need it right now. Forgot the food for your picnic in Blaine county. You're out of whiskey at your bar and you can't go to a liquor store yourself. You need to restock your luxury cigar collection quickly. Whatever you need, we can make it happen in due time - your day won't be ruined by a lack of whatever it is you need! Where can we pick you up and land, in the Southern part of San Andreas? You may wonder this and we're glad you asked! Well - we did ask ourselves, but it is a very relevant question. While rotorcraft (helicopters) are much more flexible than wing craft (planes), there are still a few restrictions on where we can and cannot land. There is still a world of possibilities: take a look! Where can we pick you up and land, in the Northern part of San Andreas? While there are less equipped helipads in Blaine County and Paleto Bay, and while it is forbidden to land in State Parks, there is still a breadth of possibilities. Many locations are flat, void of trees and power lines, and close to roads or towns. See for yourself! How to book a flight? - Send us an e-mail at [email protected] ((use LSmail)) - Send us a text or call us at SAIR - 7247 or at 8081
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