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  1. Well, it depends what happened, where you call the police from and if the criminal in question knows about it. From what I've seen, from both being illegal and legal roleplayer, I once had some smartass calling the police against me right in front of me, so he got punched in the face for that, he wasn't killed for that, on the other end, some players witnessed a crime and called 911 in front of illegal group, and got punched/stabbed/shot to death. When I play my legal character, if I can't do anything I stay out of it, take a far distance and call 911, just think about it as in real life, you probably won't call the police in front of troublemaker for him because he'll attack you. As of real life event that happened to me a few years ago - I sat at the park with some friends and some dude, really high on drugs joined us. Neither of us knew him and he started to talk noscene, at some point he fished out a pocket knife and started to play with it too close to a friend of mine, I said that I'm going to the toilet and called the Police when I was in a safe distance from him, they arrived within six minutes and arrested him. So long story short as of the game point of view, It depends with who you report, and if they know you did it. Some if not most of the players I've seen won't value their own character life nor others as they'd probable do in real life, with excuses such as "IM LOCOOO" and "my character had some bad childhood hehe".
  2. Gonna try this, thanks! From what I understand the game won't actually use more than 10GB of my DDR? Why's that? I have 32GB, It can use like at least 20GB if it'll run smoothly under heavy visuals Will update how it plays for me 🙂
  3. Yes, it was a thing with HL2RP in Garry's Mode and it was great since you even though most of the characters in there looks similar to each other, they're all unique by their /examine and people can't metagame that easily. Like in real world, you'll have to recall the details from about the person to properly describe him to someone else if you don't know he's name. People metagaming and it's known, it's hard to proof they're doing it. I can tell that I once done something illegal and someone could see me, and the other day he recalled me by my name even though I had different clothes and removed my hair, all because he seen my name for a brief moment while driving. As for another case, I stabbed a Deputy and ran away, I got rid of the clothes, dyed my hair and changed it, wore a jacket to cover my tattoos etc etc, and out of a sudden as I was on the street some LSPD officer spotted me and knew my character, even though he wasn't there with the original case but probably seen the BOLO Shaddowplay where people could see my name.. So if knowing players name will be a difficult task like it should be, it'll be better for the server. The best side, it'll make the shooting to happen less often, because the shooters will have to verify their victim before and won't just randomly shoot at everyone. Big yes for this idea!
  4. Considering you're a normative people irl, think about your own fear of death and match it to your character. Some of us experienced death irl of a close relative while the some can laugh and not understand a thing about it, yet they'll still fear. You won't do something that can seriously harm you if you're a normal person, having no death wishes or so. I can tell about two characters of mine. One is a legal faction supervisor, did an aircraft pilot course and succeed it, he got things to do which is not work and he lives around a safe area in a proper apartment. As for the next one, Warning - Self Harm trigger. So it's really depends with your understanding off life, and see how things can go for different people according for their past and current issues, either mental or health.
  5. 150 bullets is five magazines (30x5) + one inside the gun (additional 30), You gonna need a SWAT vest to carry more than two magazines though, or some proper gear, so on that note I'd agree that non-SWAT officers should have less ammunition since IC'ly they're unable to carry so many magazines, unless they do have a vest that carries extra magazines. Not every Police scene should be a win for the LEOs, as sometimes people gets their hands on unusual automatic weapons that's stronger than an automatic rifle or Glock. LEO has /panic, rifles, shotguns, glocks and a lot of tools to respond with in case of such as scenes.
  6. You're awesome. Check your topic. Like IC cops, there are OOC cops - admins. Without admins to enforce the server rules when needed, it'll turn into a low quality server, but thanks to you and plenty of more admins and staff members who spend hours of hours each day, the community remains serious RP as it should be, if you have haters, you're doing something right, and people are jealous about your success 😉
  7. Just walking next to some dude he he assaults you, because "You ain't local". Speaking to someone and he attacks you because he was wrong, and you dared to say something about it. Not walking with more of $50 because you'll lose it to a (M) character with a pistol.
  8. *As you surfing the internet, a recruitment page pops up, offering you to join the Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner for various positions. *The corpses in the video visually seems to be fake, and it's noted. There's is no real corpses that can be seen there. LOS SANTOS DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL EXAMINER-CORONER - AS PREPARED FOR PUBLICATION-Los Santos, SA ~ Friday, 01/01/2021 About the Job New applicants will go through training provided by our facility to become a Coroner, as a new hire your main job is to complete the field training program and become a fully qualified Coroner. As a new applicant, you will have the same duties as a coroner, however you will not be permitted to receive calls alone until they have completed their field training phase. New applicants will become the backbone of the entire department, they will make up the highest percentage of members. Without the new hires, day to day duties will become difficult, the department requires new hires to sustain itself. New applicants are encouraged to put their hearts into the department and are most likely be the people that the public will interact with on a day to day basis since they will be handling the most common calls. About the Department Here at Los Santos Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner we are proud of the heritage of the State, and we're just as proud of the foundations left by previous agencies since our introduction in 1889; From the technology we're utilizing in the field to our extraordinary staff. The Los Santos Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner works hard alongside Law Enforcement Officers to collect evidence when present on the scene of a crime that has led to the death of either a single individual or multiple. We make sure that no tampering of evidence takes place when a corpse is present on scene and treat it with care. Join us The Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner hires new employees. We're currently looking for Medical Examiners (Medical Doctors) , Deputy Coroners (Field Staff) and civilian staff. Join us for a rewarding career today. You can sign up and check our minimum requirements at our online portal - www.dmec.gta.world ((Join our Discord & General Information)) ((You may join our public Discord for questions prior your application, most of our roleplay is passive roleplay. There's no guns or high-speed pursuits, We're service providers for the LAW factions in GTA World. https://discord.gg/TtujmKmHhk - DMEC's Discord. https://dmec.gta.world - DMEC's forum
  9. Welp I'll have to study for real then Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm about to buy MacBook Pro for my studies, and I wondered if I'll be able to install GTA V and RageMP to play when I'm away from home kinda stuff. How will it run? I'm speaking of the MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max 32GB ram I haven't found any details about the GPU (As I understood they actually can use their CPU as GPU?) Thanks.
  11. You can easily create white collar offences. It's all depends with how creative you are.
  12. Depends with how serious the crime you're going to commit is. In real life, most people did a crime or two, most likely - more. You can either do small scale crimes that aren't felonies. It'll prevent your access for certain jobs that're governmental such as DMEC, FD, PD, SD, SAPR and more if you happen to be caught and get a record for it, however you can mainly focus with legal factions such as IMEX, Gruppe Sechs, Bobcat Security and many more that aren't related to the government nor requires background checks from PD / wont deny you for minor things. It's important for you to clarify the factions you're attending to OOC rules about doing illegal activistes and inform the leadership about it so they won't faction ban you for breaking your prototypal.
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