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  1. Nervous' not interested in any additional LEO factions currently. FM or Management will open this thread if they're interested - but I am closing this one for now.
  2. With that being said, if you survived a direct headshot and the script hasn't automatically placed you into a dead mod, it means you can enjoy the possibility to stay such as injury as 'nonbrutal; as soon as you'd be put in injured mod due to bleeding or any other reason, you'll be considered dead. That's a matter of minutes, seconds even. It depends on how it catches you. We admins cannot blackout the game for you or switch off the lights around Los Santos; the game is old and doesn't support such a thing. You will need to roleplay a blackout if it affects your house passively, such as using the phone flashlight, not being able to use the A/C unit/computer/fridge / other items you may have and typically use that require a power outlet. You should not recharge your vehicle, too, if it's electric.
  3. Even if you'd hate us for our choice, we, as admins and staff members, will always go through the rules, and not though the public opinion/friends' reactions, having 30 people 'supporting' someone doesn't make them anywhere right, it's the admin job to investigate every single aspect of the report and figure how should it be solved.
  4. Disable drive-by just for the driver when he actively drives, and you solve the problem, in my opinion. Drive-bys are crucial for the illegal factions. It'd be pointless to ask them to risk significantly upon every hit just to get out of the vehicle, pull their guns, shoot, get back in, and drive away. They'll be for sure killedby by someone.
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