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  1. Julius "Jules" Hernandez started in journey in the TTCF at the age of sixteen on a drug charge, with his choice of taking it to trial he sat in the county for longer then expected which resulted in him ultimately getting involved with the Sureno's and Cuatro getting him down with the program. Julius had family on the outside and was in constant contact as things went on during his stay in the TTCF, before leaving a few days after his seventeenth birthday he stabbed a black inmate 11 times inside of the shower, leaving him for dead and getting clear of the scene. After being released Jules went to get the "XIII" tattooed over his eyebrow and the tear drop to follow under it representing the work he did on the inside. Not long after his release Jules ended up murdering a man in cold blood in a parking lot with a handgun, Jules shot the man 4 times in the chest before standing over him dumping another 6 rounds into the male. Jules would then get into his car and flee to his girlfriends house where he was caught and brought in on first degree murder charges. He was given Life at sentencing and since then Jules has undergone two birthdays making him 19 at the time of this writing. He has been involved in riots and other activities throughout the TTFC. Jules has built up a name for himself and is aspiring to be a top name/well respected in his new home. Whatever he is called upon to do he accepts with gratitude. Julius now has little to no family on the outside after the death of his two sisters and one of his cousins going missing. He maintains contact with his mother and one of his other cousins, his girlfriend ultimately left him after finding out what he has done. Day by day Julius takes time to reflect and hopes to make parole but understands he has a duty to fulfill and he needs to make sure he can take care of what he needs to on the inside. This thread will follow the development of Julius "Jules" Hernandez from this point forward. This character has already been developed to a certain point so the beginning of his story will be cut out on this thread regarding screenshots. This aims to represent a troubled teen within the TTFC facility that is in too deep and content with his current situation. Anything can happen within the story and major events will be documented.
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