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  1. Username: BigWillyStyle Comment: Yes, lets take the power out of the hands of independent sex workers and steal from them the relative safety that this method of advertising provides and put the power right back into the hands of pimps and prostitution rings. Sex work has existed since man could talk and taking away a safe and empowering method of advertising for sex workers will not suddenly make it go away. It'll just make it far more dangerous.
  2. I'm super new to GTA World and Wuhtah has been mega helpful to me both on Discord where they're super active as well as in-game by answering my dumb and obscure /helpme questions. I really appreciate all the assistance they've given me to get me settled in and used to a new community.
  3. The very same! Good to see you, dunno if you remember me at all.
  4. Valhalla was my first ever RP server. The standard was absolutely abysmal, but it introduced me to SA:MP and the entire concept of text based roleplaying.
  5. Tesco on LSRP. Anthony Tedesco or Riordan Cavanagh, I don't recall having any other names.
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