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  1. Reminiscing like crazy from this thread. Love you all.
  2. Meeks

    [SELLING] Room 13

    Looking to purchase, offering buyout as well. Contact me 5292351 or send me an email ((Forum PM))
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in the market to purchase a nice House & Business, money is not an issue. Post below for what you are selling and I will PM you if interested. If you wish to speak further please send me an email. Respectfully, Meeks.
  4. Yoooo I think I remember Brad, seems super familiar. He might've helped got me in.
  5. I made my way into URL around like 2012/2013.
  6. Yo I use to be in URL for a short minute, Vito Meeks / Vito Mofujohn we're the last names I used. Mofujohn I was high ranked East Side Crips Crew.
  7. Yo, Bob Lee Swagger I remember you. I think I was in LSPD when you were too, it’s Vito Meeks.
  8. Which one are you from & what was your character(s) name(s)? For myself, I played NG:RP along the name of Vito Meeks, brother to Andre Meeks. Doing this to see if any familiar faces are here.
  9. How much would the rent price be, if someone were to rent this out? Weekly basis.
  10. If I or someone else were to rent this place, how much would you charge weekly?
  11. Are you willing to take a swap?
  12. Depends on what mods have been done to the car, is it fully upgraded with turbo installed? Also what is max speed?
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