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  1. Purpose, creativity, innovation, sense of social space, fear interpretation, understanding of what a marginalized individual is... Not that any of these things matter, since the endless cops vs. robbers sounds cooler and more dynamic overall. Yikes. As this logic doesn't amuse everyone, the environment becomes boring for civilians who exist just to be robbed and shot.
  2. October 4, 2021: 3 Charged in Connection With Execution of Law Enforcement Officers in Little Seoul Los Santos County Deputy District Attorney Mallory Collins announced that three men were arraigned for their alleged roles in the execution of three metropolitan SWAT officers. Francisco Bartolome, Jacob Gamboa and Vincente Saenz were charged in case CF 503-21 with three counts each of first-degree murder and possession of unlicensed firearms. Both Bartolomo and Gamboa are alleged to be gang members. On September 12, police officers Darnell Walker, Maya Valerio and Arturo Vasquez of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) were patrolling in the Little Seoul area when they heard several gunshots in a nearby street. The trio headed to the location and witnessed a group of armed suspects (these who are not being judged in this specific case) breaking into a car. After an intense chase, the current defendants supposedly appeared in the situation and surprised the victims from behind, opening fire. This conflict resulted in the death of the three mentioned officers. Suspects would only be taken into custody later. "The Special Prosecutions Bureau has decided to bring the full weight of the justice system on these individuals, whom do not even deserve to be named. These men committed a senseless act and executed three SWAT officers, who respond to threats daily in this city; whom put their lives in danger daily in order to protect law and order in Los Santos," Deputy District Attorney Mallory Collins said. "This senseless act of murder took the lives of heroes whom regularly risk their own lives for a better cause. The District Attorney's Office will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law not only for the sake of justice, but closure for the family of those officers and to set a precedent; if you kill police officers the District Attorney's Office will not hesitate to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law." Katherine Waitzvier, Media Relations Contact: 37821516 [email protected] > Comments are disabled.
  3. I'm looking for a place with good lighting layout and (at least) two bedrooms. Location isn't so relevant, but I don't intend to live in Davis or Rancho for obvious reasons. Proposals should be sent to my personal email.
  4. Username: K. W. Comment: Prostitution has historically been given a bad reputation because it is looked down upon as being a lowly woman’s job. To oppress women financially and legally, it only makes sense that prostitution would carry such heavy consequences and sever social stigma. When women are forced to turn to prostitution, they are oppressed. But when they have laws making it safer for them to participate in sex work, they are given legal protection, and are thus liberated from some of the oppression and abuse they would otherwise face. If every single woman is given the option and ability to become financially independent without having to become involved in sex work, the chain of supply and demand of sex can be broken, and thus female liberation from social norms can be possible. But until then, sex work must be detached from the stereotype of unethical practice, because with the appropriate working conditions, it can function just like any other line of work.
  5. Can I see this in person? 07224357.
  6. just want to say that i love the word crafting of italian names
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