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  1. For administrators, across the board, to not leave players in the dark. Don't run on the administrators schedule. This is a community known issue, whether it be property requests, CK applications, reports, etc. Even a simple forum message is like a death threat when trying to get an answer. I'm suggesting for management to crack down on request times for all the aforementioned issues.
  2. Volunteers. Exactly my point, if you cannot volunteer your time efficiently then don't join. People don't volunteer to have a title such as "Tree Planter" or "Garbage Picker-upper" to flaunt in its rewards. People get administrator, do the bare minimum, then get comfortable. I was an administrator on the biggest SAMP role-play server, I did my duties without complaint, when I had no time I then resigned. It's simple.
  3. What? It's not a vague statement, there are hard facts all over my post. Not to mention those who agree with it. I'm a player, me being here, in-game, on the forums, posting, etc. all contribute to make it a better place.
  4. I can almost guarantee this gets locked within the day due to insulting the stature of the team, or something along those lines. But even that in itself shows that complaints/discussions get locked with ease and quickly. Yet requests, player concerns, etc. are left to rot until it has gone on too far.
  5. Exactly, it is expected for situations to go on halt. Administrators don't see that side of the story. In your case, I'm sure you'd be fine waiting 24-48 hours for a response, but anything past that is just ridiculous. If they want to deny your request, or anyone's for that matter, just mark it as denied. Don't wait weeks to justify it. Staff members are in their position for a reason, to handle situations like this accordingly.
  6. That's not the point though. I'm a player, I utilize the requests and other scripted things in the server so I can have fun. Those things require administrative assistance, acceptance, etc. The team needs to be under strict guidelines and rules. Anyone could "apply" and attempt to change the points I made. But that isn't the point of my argument. It's the current status and commitments from the team as a whole.
  7. It's not a real job but it shouldn't mean players get shafted if their not an administrator. People get special treatment, if it's their friends or their own business request for example I'm sure it would be bumped up the queue without debate. It's a volunteer position. If you can't fulfil the demand, step down. Simple.
  8. Administrators offer their help by joining the staff team and assist both the ownership and the community with in-game issues, concerns, and requests. In the application you are asked how much you play and how much time you are willing to provide. I find it hard to accept that requests, forum private messages, and other concerns are like pulling teeth. The community/players should be treated like customers, they are customers, to a system that relies on administrative action. Sure, people can role-play and what not without the assistance of an administrator. Other factors come into play where administrators need to be relied upon. Myself and many others feel that this has lacked lately. Starting off with Property Management, how can you expect people to wait 3+ weeks for a response to an application? Not to mention when the response is given it is usually lacking backbone or any sense for that matter. People join these sub-teams to grow within the administration team, and it is said to take hours, days, and weeks to review requests. That is your duty as an administrator. Don't join the sub-team if you cannot actively keep up with the numbers or suggest a new system. The typical "administrators need to role-play/have other things to do too" excuse shouldn't cut it. Not in a community such as this one where professionalism should be held high. I guarantee I receive the response of "you don't see what goes on behind the scenes" or "there's a lot more work than you think". I've been an administrator on LS:RP, I've lead a massive team (FM) and I get it. My issue is you are supposed to give up your time to give back to the community, finish the requests that you have, and role-play comes second. Don't be an administrator if you're role-play comes first. Administration isn't a position of power. You are now the so called employee of the game and the community is your customer(s). When this community started it was easy to submit requests, get answers, have conversations. Now it has turned to the typical role-play community response rate. Sure, there are a lot more players and the requests pile up. That should be more than enough reason to cycle through them. Taking long to go through requests halts development of illegal factions. It is a known concern that must be fixed. Requests sit there for 3+ weeks and if someone sends a private message to complain or inquire you receive the death penalty. When players inquire it shows they care, they want to see what is going on with their request. If this is kept up, and this is the reputation you want to hold then players will start to not care. Factions are being declined businesses for sub-par reasons yet you see Police Captains owning clubs, bars and whatever else. Or you'll see someone obtain a lease or business and not even open it but that means its taken away from a capable person or group.
  9. SD provides realism and concrete characters that should be the standard of this community. The faction teaches you to make a realistic character and promotes this type of role-play constantly. Each and every time I've had an encounter with their members it was nothing short of delightful.
  10. Starting if it doesn't still stand. @Xibi
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