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  1. Looking to purchase a business, can pay max buyout. Email me for further info! (PM)
  2. Sinatra


    I'm with it, it's not foreign for countries/states to have investigative organizations that don't have any arrest power. It would add more RP and create more illegal/legal roleplay collaboration.
  3. Plus one, the last server went south for a reason. Let’s not repeat.
  4. I think we can both agree this server has made far strides since that initial decision was made. Continuing to operate off an outdated decision is committing an injustice to the amount of progress that was made here on this server. I'm not asking for a replica of LS-RP which I'm thinking the majority of people are believing. I'm asking for discussion, to create a new system that commends quality roleplay and promotes people to join long lasting factions instead of creating their own because at the current state, there is NO incentive to do so. This is a reason we have 3 pages of factions currently. People have so much hate against this idea because they can't comprehend what it represents. My overall point is this, offering official is displaying that the administration and the server endorse high quality roleplay. What official entails? That's for IFM to decide, I'm simply proposing for the general idea to be brought to the table because last time it didn't. At this point, a pinned faction at the top would suffice because I disagree that previous factions left any trademark on the server. I appreciate your response.
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