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  1. I'm not commenting on the price of the vehicle, just a lot of people are not aware the new dukes contains the beater version and fixed panels + some extra bits you can't get on the regular dukes.
  2. It contains all the modifications for fixed/broken panels plus also some more customization the regular dukes doesn't get. It's just a better version overall.
  3. They are an ame, this was changed already on July 15th: All the emotes you have there with > starting are the /ame.
  4. It's only really asked to be enforced if someone suicide by cops to get out of a situation where they are obviously going to die and people tend to pick PK to get out of the arrest, such as trying to shoot 6+ Officers all already aiming at you. Only really gets reported for in the more extreme cases, atleast of late. Most of the time people who die in shootouts with us just are allowed to get along with it. You get a gunfight with 1-2 officers you have a decent chance to get away, force the lone officer to back off etc. Again the whole CK thing was introduced at some point to try and combat people just PKing an instant fatal heart attack with a tazer or other such items.
  5. To understand why most people don't chase theses you have to understand the common issues we face on LSPD: Siren sync is poor right now, couple that with the short render range on vehicles you can quickly go out of range of a PD vehicle when flying around the city at speed and never even hear the siren. If a fast vehicle passes a PD cruiser at speed even if the cruiser is facing the same direction (which a lot of the time it is not) they do not have the power to catch up. Again the short render distance often makes these cars able to get away quickly. Even for the times you are able to reasonably keep pace with a vehicle as it slowly pulls from you, the time it takes to deploy a helicopter often results in a total loss. The number of times that me and other pilots deploy just to lose the vehicle before we arrive is very high. Even with a helicopter on patrol you can still take some time to arrive to the locations. However while this is the best possible circumstance, having a Helicopter ready to go due to active patrol only usually happens when we get reason to do so. Flying around in the Helicopter tends to be a bit of an isolated experience. The Interceptor isn't a very good vehicle. The weight issues of it cause some problems (it's lightweight and floats a lot which causes weaknesses in certain areas) and the extra top speed and acceleration it has only allows it to match a relatively small range of vehicles that the Buffalo and Stanier cannot. We experimented with Shafter V12s for a while as part of what the equivalent HSIU is, however this ran into several other issues such as the vehicle being a decent evading vehicle but not a good pursuit vehicle, sirens not able to play sound and the lights not visible easily during the day (though ironically this now has better siren sync than our current main fleet for the moment) and a few other things that lead it to be put on hold for the time being. Effective vehicles in this regard such as the Elegy RH8, Massacro or other such vehicles are also borderline or too far unrealistic to use. One could argue that realism bends for GTA's game circumstances or that it isn't realistic to have pursuits around the city go so fast it requires them to begin with, however until vehicle modding is in and performance can be tuned serverside then we will not really be able to see any sort of change to this. Among to this we generally have a few steps to go with the way that we see these speeders: See the fast vehicle and attempt to stop it. This is the most likely step that we lose the vehicle. We don't call in a pursuit right away because this would be messy, you need to somewhat try to confirm the vehicle is actively evading. If you manage to half way keep with the vehicle you can call in a pursuit and get deployment rolling for fast vehicles. There's usually an Interceptor around or two most times of the day that if isn't busy should be able to attend. Helicopter starts up a little later when the pilot gets themselves to the station. Takes a bit of time to do this and takes a bit of time to get to wherever the pursuit is as well. If by now the vehicle is not lost the helicopter and Interceptor both should be there and we've done most of what we can for the vehicle at this point. The slower vehicles go around for trying to block off routes, spikestrips and so on. Then there is a whole other dynamic of even when we have all that deployed there are other issues to face, such as: Out accelerating the helicopter to the degree render distance doesn't show it anymore. Helicopter often is the only thing able to see the vehicle for most of the pursuit so if they lose it, it's often lost for good. General vehicle desync can make the vehicle suddenly appear it's going around a corner when it did not, by the time the mistake is corrected it can be too late. So on. Don't even ask how it is for motorbikes. Overall there are other things that are being done that are aimed at trying to discourage people to be reckless with their vehicles such as being stricter with dealing them along with a new addition to the penal code that will allow the impounding of vehicles with repeat evading effenders up to 14 days for the third or further offence. This may encourage people to use cheaper vehicles that are far more disposable, but also managable. Regardless I hope this gives you some insight as to why a lot of the time police vehicles tend to ignore crazy speeders. If circumstances were different it wouldn't be the case.
  6. Things like a CEF phone are already planned and would be bound to get things like that available to it, however there is a help menu also that has specific topics that might have something in right now, those generally were enough for me when I started in September last year.
  7. https://map.gta.world/ Aside the error this still works.
  8. Enko

    Impound Changes

    When a vehicle is impounded it isn't filed with a reason on the impound itself, basically if we're to get this functionality it would need to be manually done. Impounding a car from crime is the exact same script procedure as any other, aside that we usually just remove the fine if the car was stolen or otherwise impounded through no fault of the owner. Essentially to make this system work it would need either better script control or just simply the justification for a more permanent procedure. I'd suggest that this could be a step for combating frequent evaders in high speed vehicles, this would encourage the use of mid teir cars that could be used for evasion but a lot cheaper to afford in such a capacity, however scrapping a car that costs 100k is a big cost, it would require more than just 3 instances I'd think. There could be mid term instances of bigger fines or longer impound times that could work.
  9. Enko

    Impound Changes

    This is too rigid, we impound the vehicle for a few reasons that are not related to evading, sometimes desync just knocks cars into the road, sometimes it's stolen and still impounded, etc.
  10. Short description: Rebalance the prices of dirtbike vehicles to reflect their ability. Detailed description: These four motorbikes are the main dirtbikes; Dinka Enduro - 5 KG - $17000 Nagasaki BF400 - 5 KG - $20000 Maibatsu Sanchez - 5 KG - $23700 Maibatsu Manchez - 5 KG - $33000 These bikes are generally priced fairly evenly aside that the Manchez is quite a bit higher than the average. Overall these bikes are close together however they do not reflect their balance at all. The Manchez while a flashy in style is actually the worst performing bike on the list, its modern style might net it some increase in price but in the list, it doesn't make too much sense to be so high in comparison. The Sanchez is a decent all around bike and likely is a good fit to be in the middle. The classic motorcross bike. The Enduro is an older, slower bike and should be on the cheaper end of the scale, also fine. The BF400 is where a lot of issues arise. This bike is cheap, 20k cheap, and it's one of the best bikes in the game. It has a potent acceleration, very high top speed and is a bike which generally makes it a fast vehicle in general. Added bonus is that being a motorcross bike it can basically go places most other cars cannot while also being just as good as them on the road. Only a handful of cars match the performance of this bike on the road after all. I feel like the prices of the bikes could be tweaked, either simply by increasing the BF400 or tweaking them all a little to match their looks/performance. The BF400 could sit in the 45-55k range under some of the top sport bikes. Commands to add: N/A. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? I feel like the prices of vehicles is often a reflection of somewhat balance and performance of the vehicles in question, rather than their real life equivalent prices adjusted for GTA W prices. I think by this the BF400 and perhaps some of the other bikes should be adjusted further up or down to reflect their actual ability, age and style. This will continue the theme where most vehicles are tuned in cost to reflect their ability and natural prices. Additional information: None.
  11. Enko

    Lower paycheck rate

    People not buying drugs can just be something else, it doesn't mean that it is due to paychecks. If anything with more starter money I would feel people are more inclined to spend things to enhance their RP rather than restrict it. I think that this server just doesn't have a big drug economy with the current interests that people have on it. As for the matter at hand, 200k might be seen as a lot but if you buy yourself a cheap sub 100k house somewhere, spend a bit on a car and all that then you are starting to get low. Not to mention that, sure you can buy an apartment somewhere, get a car or two and get a gun, but once that money is gone it is gone. You lose that gun somehow and you didn't make anything out of using it? It's a total loss. The biggest issue with paychecks right now are legal factions having insane money if they play a lot like LSPD or LSFD. I have no idea what the sort of cashflow is for legal work and just how quickly or what quantity you earn however, but once legal paychecks are rebalanced I assume they'll fall in line to something similar to that.
  12. Enko

    Stop the grind shaming

    Scripted jobs can be a doubled edged sword, but one thing that people like is to see things happen, one idea that was toyed about in the past was to have scripted jobs have some limitations to them, such as say a delivery job route would get like up to four routes per day with a few stops on each, enough to take up like an hour or so of time but something that was limited in being able to just grind for good, delivery job wouldn't feel the same if you didn't actually do anything with it, same would go for mining I feel among other things. I believe the key is to try and eliminate the big negatives to these things but I would find it hard to see any jobs being enjoyable if they were removed alltogether in favour for pure RP, and I don't think it is a very popular experience to do RP on your own. It should be a tool to help people get into things but I would much rather see for instance someone doing trucking and a trucking company may see them do that and offer them work and RP as a result, but honestly people will always find a way to select the path of least resistence and people need to enjoy these avenues to take them.
  13. I should point out that vehicle taxes are not the easiest way to really add measures against it, speaking as a PD player, taxes on cars are often not paid at all, and only really paid when they are pulled over. Most of our cars and patrol forces don't check all the plates that we see so for the most part it depends on the subset of cops that do check and the Traffic unit that has ALPR that automatically checks for the driver if the car has tax or not. As a consequence of this a lot of people only pay taxes about half the time and a lot of people don't pay at all, and simply evade in vehicles that are no easy task to stop and so it generally works out easier to not pay. Sure these are issues that may be alternate, but end of the day there were some people I kept track of in my head who basically never paid taxes on their vehicle every time I checked.
  14. The issue with paychecks is that they do not scale to hours played. A friend of mine who has slightly higher pay as I do in PD plays for probably about 8-10 hours a week, and even with PD paychecks he will get like 20k a week, but that doesn't take into account any random expenses, if you go into a club or two, pay for petrol and other things you can knock off a bit of that too. With the current paychecks he can get a decent enough item per week but it will still take him a bit of time to get anything with that money, weeks in scale. I on the other hand play for a lot longer, on the average amount of time spread over 30 days I had spent online in one form or another I make over 22k on average per day with these paychecks, This is obviously an extreme example and most people wont have such an insane average playtime but for people who don't play very long, 2,000 paychecks before expenses are not insane, but for people who can put a lot of time the base rate of 800 can be nuts. In a way a fairer system would be to stretch the pay out over the course of time, but really people don't like having things taken away from them, people would rather be rewarded, and at the end of the day are people going to be happy to earn less money just because they play more? Some suggestions like actual weekly pay might work to help this out though people would be pissed if they missed the mark of minimum activity by only a few hours, more encouraging people to spend time on duty than off when most people want people to be encouraged off duty, etc. The ultimate result is you kind of just have to treat money as a tool and less of a realistic thing, but if someone tells me I would have to RP all my money then technically the PD pays me 10mil per year if I managed to keep up this average all the year around.
  15. The way faction management handles various situations here are most likely going to be a deciding factor how this server holds up to competition, this could be one of those decisions. I think very few people have found perma off faction chat to be a positive item, that said with group discord chats many of these things are also covered outside of the game, though there are certain advantages to /f chat rather than discord. I will suggest that my time in the PD has had a harder time connecting with people and if I didn't know so many people already I may feel a little isolated.
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