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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, now before we dive into this discussion, allow me to make something clear: >This thread is purely for discussion. It should not be, under any circumstance used to bash/make fun/insult players who donate/do not donate. Everyone is free to do what they please with their personal real-life money and it's up to them to decide whether or not they feel like donating is worthwhile.< If you happen to not know about World Points or if you simply need to revisit, I encourage you to refer to: Your honest opinion matters a lot, even in community-made threads, and communication is naturally important in such a big community. If you happen to have criticism of any kind to make, please do try and make it as constructive as you can. What we're here to discuss is purely on the technical side of World Points, therefore I have a set of optional questions: 1): Regardless if you are a donator or not, do you believe that WP (World points) is a good donation system? 2): Do you believe World Points should be used for cosmetic assets (clothes, animals, walkstyles), - practical assets (businesses, properties, characters),- or a mix of both? 3): As of right now, is there any perk or feature you would wish to add or remove from the World Points list?
  2. I wish to start a serious discussion that has been one of the biggest pet peeves to myself and probably many others in this server and that is simply the nonsensical pricing of vehicles and not adding certain vehicles in the server that would make sense. The first topic: Pricing of vehicles. This is something I have repeatedly struggled to understand as someone who has rather good knowledge of nearly every car in the game and at this point it bothers me quite a bit. And this keeps repeating over and over with each GTAO update. I will start with some examples. The latest one being Penumbra FF with it's price tag of $240,000, now this is something I simply did not understand whatsoever. It's supposed to be a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G (2nd generation), yes that one that was featured in the first F&F movies. But in reality, it's not a special car in any possible way, they are rather cheap IRL. But okay, it's performance is pretty good, but it's performance matches up to a Komoda which only costs 150k for, except it's top speed is considerably slower, according to Broughy1322 testing, it's max speed is only 112MPH. This is even slower top speed than Sultan Classic... Speaking of which, Sultan Classic is miles better than Penumbra FF in both it's handling and top speed, yet it only costs 150k but Penumbra is 240k? I struggle to understand this. Yes, I get that it's a cult classic, but so is the Sultan Classic. Another example being the Contender, I'm sure everyone knows about this yet it still doesn't make any bit of a sense. It's performance is pretty awful and definitely nothing significant. It's price is considerably higher than Rebla GTS and Novak which are both in the same SUV class, yet both are miles faster in the top speed and miles better handling. Yet costs considerably more than either of them. In terms of other offroad vehicles, Kamacho which is one of the fastest and one of the best vehicles in the offroad class is only 115k and Caracara which is worse than Kamacho, but still better than Contender costs the same as Kamacho. Can someone please explain why this is the case? Buffalo S - Costs 210k, it's performance is the same as a regular Buffalo, but it costs more than double of a regular Buffalo's price just because it looks newer? What...? This should at max be only around 100k, it's simply not worth any more than that. 8F Drafter - At the beginning, I believe it was around 150k or something. Okay, that was fine, no issues... But then it's price more than doubled which makes it even more than the Elegy Retro which is a better car in performance and still far popular than the Drafter. Yet it costs more just cause it looks like an Audi RS5? It's not really that special if we think about it. This price should be lowered in my opinion as it's just too much in my opinon. Dominator GTX - Okay... This car's price is just utterly ridiculous and it still has not been amended. It has slightly better handling than the regular Dominator, but it's top speed is ridiculously slower at only 108MPH compared to regular Dominator's 122MPH. Yet, somehow and for some reason this car is 350k? Nobody in the right mind is gonna buy this car over any other in it's price range, cause bluntly put, it's big waste of money and does not deserve to be that expensive. At most, it should be around 100k mark, if not even lower. V-STR - This cars performance is marginally better than Komoda's, it's primarily contender. Yet... It costs more than double of the car when it's the same in the luxury aspect, the same in the performance aspect and it's actually an American vehicle... But it costs double of a Italian sedan... Okay. This is a prime example where we should promote more American cars on the roads than imports. Cause in the end, we're in the US not in Europe or Japan. While yes, the counterpart of the Komoda is commonly sold in US. But, IRL it's price is just marginally lower than that of a CTSV. Yet V-STR costs more than double. Makes no sense to me. It should be far lower in it's price. Deviant - Another car that's forgotten due to it's ridiculous price. It's another nothing special Muscle car, okay it's based on a custom made car. But so is the Yosemite (the lowrider one) which is based on a time attack built C10, yet that car only costs 90k? And it's far faster than Deviant and handles far better. Not to mention, some people tend to use a glitch to go up to 180MPH with the Yosemite, but that's a whole another issue. I'm not gonna spend too much time searching and finding every car where it's price makes no sense and is far too expensive or too cheap to be what it is. There are many other cars that fit within this discussion and I'm sure other people will bring them up. My only intention is to start a whole discussion about it as it really needs to be changed as this cannot go forward as I'm personally starting to think that whoever comes up with the prices, just does not consider what the vehicle is and simply tosses a random price tag on it. The second topic: Exclusion of vehicles. This is another topic that has made little to no sense to me personally and seems to be another decision made on the random and/or false information. To put it straight up, I can understand some cars being excluded that somewhat makes sense, but then again, with some other additions it doesn't make sense. Why do some vehicles deserve to be added to the server whereas other vehicles do not? How is this decided? The prime example being the latest exclusion of Coquette D10, now personally speaking, I could care less if the vehicle was added or not as it is not a car that any of my characters would be driving. But there are characters where it would make sense to have a brand new Corvette looking car. Okay, I can understand that the car looks like faster and more special than it is, but that's false information, in the end it's a American made sport/muscle car with an American V8 inside of it. It is not an Italian super car or whatever else. In real life, it has a price tag of $60,000. Why has it been excluded from the server completely? Not to mention Gauntlet Classic Custom got added which in IRL prices is like $900,000 (pristine condition one) and it's price tag in the server is 200k. ?‍♂️ The performance of D10 is awful, it has little to no grip and extremely difficult to handle. Okay, it has a top speed of 130MPH, still slower than Pariah, it's handling is far worse than Pariah and will never be able to keep up with it. It's handling is even worse than that of a 8F Drafter and Elegy. Even the Komoda and V-STR could beat it. So why has it not been added again? If the sole reason is because it looks like a super car, than that's just ridiculous. Not to mention we recently had the addition of Argento which in my mind has been one of the worst additions ever to the server, considering it's a mod car that takes up resource and a slot of another, better mod car to be added. It's apparently too fast and on par with Pariah and it costs the same... Far better vehicles could be added in place of Argento. Why was Argento added (which is a mod car btw) and not Coquette D10 (that was released in the latest update)? I would understand if it's price was higher than that of a regular Coquette, but to completely exclude it? Why? Elegy RH8 - Another car that is common and mostly affordable in US that is not made available to the server. Okay, it's performance is quite good and better than that of a regular Elegy. But Sultan Classic is right on par with the car and Comet SR which we have widely available and does not cost much at all, is right there for purchase. I understand in the beginning it was excluded, but at this point? Why has it still not been added? Feltzer - Another prime example same as Elegy RH8, but it's slower than RH8 and Sultan Classic is in fact faster than that now. Why hasn't a regular Mercedes AMG not been added to the server still? Motorcycles like Diabolus Custom, Vortex and Defiler are limited as lease vehicles... Which has made little to no sense to me as well. Why have these motorcycles been limited to lease when they're not at all better than any of the best performing motorcycles such as Bati and Hakuchou? You cannot use the "It's a custom made motorcycle" argument when we have any of the Benny's custom cars available such as Glendale Custom, Manana Custom, Yosemite, FCR1000 Custom, or even Zombie Chopper/Bobber and so on and so on. Why would a regular person looking for a nice street bike (mind you, these 3 are the only street bikes in the whole game that have any lick of customization because Rockstar) would be required to submit some sort of an application and probably be denied for some odd reason? These are just the prime example and there many others that should be added considering of what cars we have available now. I did get into this further, but it has since been lost in the black hole of Suggestion with not a single addition made. (Besides lease but that's a whole another topic) I might have written too much about all of this, but I feel like it was required and to get into it as much as possible. On that note, my sole intention is to bring attention to these two topics and have civil discussion about these and hopefully some sort of changes and additions being made. Please do not side track this topic or be uncivil about it. Thank you.
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