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  1. nobody saying anything about real life bro.. this is GTA 5, there's some shit that u cant change such as shooting systems and physics (unless scripted) keep it the same, not needed. You got killed unfairly? Report it.
  2. ever thought about leaning to the side, then turning around to look behind you? you can literally try to do it right now in the chair you sitting in.. it's not that hard bro, come on. This is also applied to leaning outside of a car window, you can deadass just lean outside of a window while looking behind you. You ever played GTA San Andreas? They do that a bunch of times while shooting out of vehicles.
  3. -1, but read the bigger text Most people roleplay like if they lean out of the window or something like that, EVEN IF THEY DON'T DROP A /ME LINE, they probably mean it like that. Now, I wouldn't really see a problem with disallowing it for DRIVERS, because I do see how that's somewhat unrealistic, but for passengers? I think its completely fine if they roleplay it. I think this is more of an OOC issue, if their aim is good? shit, you can't do anything about it, you cant just expect somebody to miss their shots on purpose when it comes to their char's life (for example, shooting at a police officer, this could end up in a CK if the shooters end up dying)
  4. This thread will follow the development of the cousins Jeffrey Flores and Austin Miller, two teenagers that are trying to make a living off the streets. @JulioJuan - Austin Miller @Zt4e (Me) - Jeffrey Flores
  5. waaaaait.. I know that guy! (i cked that day) Andre cool person ye
  6. +1, let us delete our OWN forum posts, and let thread authors delete people's posts.
  7. Nervous supporting y'all so don't fold! good luck & take it far
  8. Not really needed, but maybe make a suggestion about lowering tattoo removal prices. It really sucks to spend 2k+ on removing tattoos to then just say "naaaaah, i don't like how it looks now" and then you purchase them again.
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