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  1. I'd forum report these players, make sure to also state that you are specifically looking for admin punishments.
  2. Aw shit... This nigga back again.
  3. harddd, give dem official already
  4. Just like @Phasedsaid, you are probably putting yourself into dumb situations for no logical reason that end up with you getting robbed. You can't even pull a gun on this server no more when you are defending yourself in public cus a pink haired girl that just pulled up in her 300k sports car will gun you down with her CCW gun. Last time a group of mallrats interacted with me and my faction on our turf, they kept talking shit and eventually fought us with fists in a 2v10, before they left and pulled up into the back alley with more people where they got robbed
  5. Doesn't matter if they add this to the rules, you're just gonna get robbed later
  6. But they still catch you lacking every time...
  7. You guys are just special den, idk... I got robbed once in the last 6 months
  8. Then don't up at all, you already know that if 4 people with guns pull up you finna die. Its not that hard to not get robbed
  9. This rule will only increase the amount of reports. The only way you will see robberies go down is if you add more restrictions to CCW licenses/remove them completely and add a rule that addresses vigilantism. Too many civvies upping a gun where it makes no sense to do so.
  10. This doesn't mean they have any experience in illegal RP buddyo.
  11. 95% of them never had an illegal char and have NO clue about illegal RP. Sounds like a great idea
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